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What the New MozBar Brings to the Table – WebDesy.com

Hey there, this time around I’d like to show
you what kind of features come with the new version of the MozBar extension for Google
Chrome. Just go to Google Webstore and search for MozBar there. Once you’ve found the extension
you can just click it and install. Ok, once you have the extension installed and once
you search something in Google, you should see the following options over here. And by
the way you can toggle on and off the extension by click this M icon. Just like that. Now,
once you search for something, for starers, you’ll notice this grey bar over here. And
by the way, first off I’ll show you the free features this MozBar tool has to offer and
then I’ll also mention the features that are available for paid subscribers only. First off, free features. So, once you have
it installed, you can search for a term and then you have the option to export the SERP
analysis as CSV. So, you’ll be able to export it and open in your Microsoft Excel or Google
Docs, Google Stylesheets in order to analyze the data. So, it’s a really neat feature because
you’ll be able to export and process further. Other than that, you have this option that
is called search profiles and what it allows you to do is select what kind of SERPs you
wanna see. For example, Google SERPs, Yahoo SERPs and Bing SERPs. Other than that, you
can add your new and custom SERP (custom search profile) which allows you, for example, specify
your search engine. Also, you can specify whether you want to see personalized or non-personalized
results. If you need to see non-personalized results, you just need to tick this check-box.
Also, you can select the country, region, city and name your search profile. That done,
you just need to hit the Create Search Profile button and you’ll be able to just select this
profile while analyzing SERPs for different clients from appropriate locations. For now,
I’ll just cancel it. Now, what happens if you analyze an actual
site. This MozBar tool allows you to, first of all, perform a page analysis. So, I’ll
just click this option and see all sorts of on-page elements, such as URL, page title,
meta description, meta keywords, h1 headings, h2 headings, and so on. Also, general attributes such as meta robots,
rel=canonical, page load time, and so on. By the way, you want to keep it under 3 seconds.
In my case it loads longer. So, I got a problem here which I need to fix. So, you see? I just
pinpointed a problem right away. Other than that, you have the option to check
inbound links, such as page authority, domain authority and stuff like that. Then you can
see the markup if the page has it. For example, authorship, schema.org, Open Graph and so
on, including Twitter cards. And finally HTTP status which is 200 which is OK. Now, disable this option. And go to Highlight
links. This is a very neat feature because it allows you to actually see different kinds
of links. For example, if I wanna see followed links highlighted, I just click this option
and all the followed links included on images are highlighted and I can see which ones are
followed ones. OK, now. Let’s click on no-followed and see which ones no-followed. For example,
these icons are no-followed. Now let’s check external links. And these
are external links. On images, text links and these icons. Also, you can see internal
links. So, the banner is an internal link. Has an internal link. These links are internal
ones. Other than that, if you search for a specific term on the page, say, webdesy. You
can click this Highlight option and all the words will be highlighted. For example, in
my case, it’s over here. Disable it, you see, it’s not highlighted. So, when it comes to
highlight links. Other than that, you can see the most crucial
SEO metrics such as page authority, mozRank, mozTrust, amount of links and other than that
root domain SEO metrics such as domain authority, domain rank, domain trust and other that that,
you can see your social activities’ stats. For example, Facebook likes, tweets, retweets
and Google + likes. That’s a very crucial thing nowadays because it really looks that
social media at least correlated with high rankings. So, that’s what you get when you
have the free version of the MozBar tool. Once you are a paid subscriber, you can see
some extra data. For example, you can see the amount of links from root domains. So,
you can actually see the amount of links both the amount of links and the actual amount
of domains them come from. Also, you can see … and these are the links that come to this
particular page, the home page, to WebDesy.com. Once you are a paid subscriber, you can also
see the amount of links and domains pointing to your site in general. So, not just to this
particular page but the site in general. Also, you have the option to see the amount
of links to the subdomain and that’s pretty much it when it comes to the SEO metrics that
you can see when you check a particular site. And before you go, I’d like to mention the
following feature. Thing is, paid subscribers have the option to also assess keyword difficulty.
So, you can just specify your keyword, click the Get Keyword Difficulty button and it will
show you how hard it will be to rank number one for this particular keyword. So, that’s pretty much the options that come
with the new MozBar that you definitely wanna installed if you’re serious about SEO or in
other words inbound marketing. And especially if you do it on a regular basis for multiple
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