What To Do If You Can’t Afford a SEO Agency?
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What To Do If You Can’t Afford a SEO Agency?

Welcome back, this is John Locke. Today I’m answering a question that I hear quite often. Which is, “If you don’t
have enough money to do a SEO contract, like a six-month contract — you
don’t have enough money to hire an SEO agency, or a SEO consultant — should you go
out and get a SEO tool like Ahrefs, SEM Rush, or Moz?” I’ve heard a lot of
SEO consultants say that’s what you should do! I don’t like that advice. I
think that’s incomplete advice. It’s not the best advice, and I will
tell you why. Many times, I’ve seen people do that (get a subscription to a SEO tool) because they are on a budget. Which is
fine. They’ll use a SEO tool — and one in particular is really bad about this —
I’ve seen a lot of people take this particular SEO tool’s advice, and jack
their site up. I’ve seen people implementing
Google AMP to make it faster, because this tool told them to do so. Or disavowing
links because this tool suggested they should. Doing a bunch of
other things that basically made their SEO go farther
down, instead of going up. So I really don’t like relying on a SEO tool to tell me
what to do. Those tools are okay for certain things. Like, if you’re trying to figure out “Should I put my keyword in my title tag?”
Things like that are fine. Or if it’s telling you, “Hey,
your competitors have links from these sites, and you don’t”, that’s fine. But I
don’t like relying on a tool, because I’ve seen too many people do damage to
their websites, and their SEO, by following those automated suggestions. Now, my suggestion
is, if you don’t have enough money to hire a SEO agency or consultant for a long longer-term engagement, and you want
to do it yourself, you want to DIY, what I’m going to say to you is — find a SEO consultant that you trust. Pay them to sit with you for an hour, go over some stuff for an hour or two. Another thing you could do is, get a professional SEO audit. And I don’t
mean an automated SEO audit. I mean a real audit, like the ones we do. There are other SEO consultants that I could point you toward that do these as well.
But a lengthy, thick audit of your site, giving you a battle plan of
what to do. Then if you want to go and do it yourself,
great. But if you can’t afford a multi-month contract with SEO, you should
probably still talk to a person. Relying on tools alone is not advisable. (I say this) only
because I’ve seen too many people blindly follow that advice. Then,
they’re like, “Why am I not ranking? Why are my rankings flatlined? Or they’re going down? The rankings are doing worse?” (It’s important to note) not everything a tool will tell
you is what you need to do. Sometimes, there are things outside of what the tools say to do (that you need to implement). I should say, oftentimes, most of the time, there are
things that the tools do not and cannot easily measure. They’re not
tapped into to all the different places that you should be looking (for actionable SEO advice) — especially
when it comes to off page and on page, telling you analysis of what’s
actually ranking. “Why is that thing ranking?” SEO tools are very good at analyzing
backlinks and saying, “Hey, this site has backlinks from these high
Domain Authority sites, and maybe that’s why they’re ranking high?”
But not always. Because I’ve seen sites that don’t have a lot of links, that rank
high (in the SERPs). So there’s more to it obviously. Hope that answers this question. Talk
to a human being. Don’t rely only on a SEO tool. That’s not the
best advice. But if you don’t have a lot of money, either get a human
curated SEO audit, or talk to a professional and pay for a couple hours of their time.
Have them look at your site, and then that way, at least you have a second
opinion, besides just a SEO tool. Hope that makes sense. My name is John Locke. My
business is Lockedown Design and SEO. I’m here every single day making videos
on SEO. Thank you to all the subscribers that have come on in the last month or
so. I really appreciate it. I will be here tomorrow as well. That’s all I have for
now. Until next time, peace.

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