What Website Platform is Best for SEO?

Hello, this is John Locke from
Lockedown Design. Today I want to talk with you for just a minute
about what platform you should develop your site on for SEO. There are a lot of options out there and especially
in the world of manufacturing and small business that I see people taking. There are a couple options that I’m not a
fan of at all and I’ll get into why. The first one is GoDaddy Website Builder. I’m not a fan of this option at all for a
couple of reasons. Generally speaking, these sites are not as
attractive as some of the higher end sites that are out there. The way that your brand is perceived really
does play a factor in SEO and especially when people come to your site. Are there sites on GoDaddy Website Builder
that are okay? Sure, but generally speaking, one characteristic
that I see on these sites is they don’t usually have a lot of pages. Most of the GoDaddy Website Builder pages
only have maybe 10 pages or less and from an SEO standpoint this is not really optimal. You want to be able to publish pages, a wide
variety of pages as much as you possibly can with the greatest amount of ease. For that you’re going to want a CMS and not
a ten-dollar a month website builder. Wix is another one that I’m not a fan of. I don’t believe that people that are serious
about SEO should be building on top of Wix. The markup that it outputs is generally not
very good for SEO. There’s a lot of extra stuff in the markup
of the actual pages that makes it difficult for Googlebot to crawl and for the most part
I’m not seeing a lot of sites that are built on top of Wix that actually rank. Again, you’re going to want to go with a full-fledged
CMS. My main choice would be something like WordPress
for a couple of reasons. There are a lot of people that develop on
top of WordPress. It’s going to be relatively easy to find someone
who has expertise in WordPress that can help you change your site if your current web developer
or agency goes out of business or gets hit by a bus you can find somebody else to pick
up the baton and help you with that site. The other thing is there’s a lot of Plugins
on WordPress that will help you with your SEO, in particular, Yoast, WordPress for SEO
and there’s one made by Phil Singleton’s team out of Kansas City good for product, schema
markup and all. I’ll link that in the notes below. For whatever flaws it may have WordPress is
pretty ubiquitous. You can do a lot with it. It’s very flexible. There are many, many things you can do with
it. It’s a mature platform and it’s easy to find
someone that can develop on top of it. There are other platforms that are fine. Drupal is good. Joomla, that’s not going to hurt you or anything
like that. It’s going to be a little bit harder to find
someone to develop on top of that. There’s many others like Craft CMS, Concrete
5, Perch, the HubSpot platform is fine. Generally speaking, that’s probably going
to cost you a lot to have somebody develop on top of that. There are other ones out there that I don’t
think are super great. Weebly and Wix and other ones like that, they’re
just not very robust when it comes to actual SEO. Drupal’s fine, Yoast makes a Plugin for Drupal
as well so it injects a lot of the schema markup that you’re going to want for the Google
knowledge graph. One thing I want to address too, schema markup
by itself is not really a ranking factor in the way that people think it is. It helps search engines understand the profile
of a entity, like a corporation, a company, a person, a product. It helps search engines understand what that
is. It’s not really something that’s going to
make you rank all by itself. Squarespace is fine. It’s more like a hosted website solution. It’s kind of part page builder. I wouldn’t really call it a full-fledged CMS. There are a lot of things you can do with
it and for the most part I see Squarespace sites ranking just fine. I would say that if you’re a company I would
prefer to have a self-hosted solution so something like WordPress or Drupal would be the direction
I would lean. When it comes to SEO you just have more control. If you were going to use a hosted solution
I would probably use something like Squarespace, or Shopify if you’re doing eCommerce. I would avoid at all costs GoDaddy Website
Builder, avoid Wix, not really a big fan of Weebly. The other thing I would say avoid getting
locked into a custom type CMS. I’ve seen this happen with web agencies before
where the developer that they subcontract with is on some exotic content management
system and very few other people are going to be able to work on it. Don’t get locked into a situation like that. So if you have any follow up questions go
ahead and hit me up, [email protected] You can find me at my website which is

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