#WhatIS #Nvidia #NamingScheme | #GTX | #NVIDIA | #GeForce | #GraphicsCard | #Graphics #GFX
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#WhatIS #Nvidia #NamingScheme | #GTX | #NVIDIA | #GeForce | #GraphicsCard | #Graphics #GFX

So Hello Youtube ! its me priyank gada and so as promised in my previous video i’ll be explaining about nVidia’s naming scheme like what are those GTX GTX 1080s and GTX1070s How are they actually named and how you can compare them How to buy the best graphics card in your budget So Let’s Go ! So ill try to make everything as simple as possible and we’ll compare the graphics cards with local like real life simple objects like cars and stuff So first of all the company that we are discussing about is nVidia and ill be making a video on AMD soon so first lets start with nVidia and lets compare it to a manufacturing company , something like Tata or general motors which creates cars like Cadillac and other cars So we have nVidia Like a general motor which creates Chevrolet or Cadillac now lets talk about further features now every car has like a different kind of bodies we have the SUVs XUVs and then beast pickup trucks and have different properties right. Every car is created to have different features like pickup trucks are created to pick things up and then we have the cars with speed similarly in nVidia we have, something like GeForce GTX and the normal HD cards. So we will start by you know the smaller grades of graphics cards and then we will go higher and higher till GTX so the first version of graphics card or the smaller grades of graphics card include something that are used in video playback so these are like entry level graphics card and you cannot play much games on it and like you can play games but on low settings and these are not gaming graphics card so these are low ends graphics card and entry level graphics card. So these graphics card usually come with some numbers and then for example nVidia and some numbers and then HD so these graphics card are for daily use and are entry level and you cannot use them. you can use it to play games. but they wont run better. So now lets talk about the second grade of graphics card that is something like the SUVs or XUVs in graphics cards. So these graphics card usually have the GT version behind the name and then the number for example. we have something like nVidia GT so these are like some mid range cards that are usually okay for playing games like CS or something like that on mid settings and low settings so you can get higher FPS on low settings now comes something known as GTX, So GTX are like the top models of graphics cards we can compare it to sports car or stuff like that So GTX usually comes in 3 grades.

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