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Hey guys, this is Karina It’s Ronald, we are from Sis versus Bro! And today we’re doing the “what’s on my phone?” Challenge! So as you can see right here, we have a bunch of questions about our phone and here it says how many points the question will give you. If you have it or have done it. And we’re gonna tally it up right here and whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner! Chicken dinner! And the loser is gonna have to… Hmm, what’s the loser gonna have to do? It has to be something evil! Let’s let our viewers decide. So guys, comment down below what should be our evil plan to do to the loser. (Maniacal laughter) It’s probably gonna be you And you’re like, (Ronald mimics Karina’s evil laugh) Nah! Okay, let’s just get into this. Yeah, obviously! So, first question. First question will give you one point. For every contact you have gets you one point. Okie dokie. Uh… Contacts? Where’s my contacts? Open contacts! There we go. How many contacts do I have? Open contacts. I have one. One! No you don’t, you don’t, that’s yourself! I have one, that’s my friend, right underneath my name. Aww, I have zero points! So I got my point. [Ronald Sighs] Alright, second question will get you one point. One point for every social media app. I have one. Okie dokie! Okay, I have one, two, three… Does Skype count? No. Oh, okay. I have three. No, four, What?! Okay, I have one. Does Musical.ly count? Yeah. Okay, one, two, three. All right, I have Musical.ly, Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat. And Ronald has all of them except SnapChat. Alright, so I get four points. And I get three. You have five points?! Yeah! (Ronald sighs dramatically) Who doesn’t? Okay, next question! Uh huh. Next question will give you three points. Three points for every selfie taken this month. Easy peasy. Lemon squeeze-y. I probably have like five million. I have five million too. Alright, whatevs. People, selfies. Come on, selfies. I have one… Wait, wait, wait. I don’t know if this is? Two, three, four, five, six, seven, I have five. Eight, nine, What!? Ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 I’ve deleted so many selfies, oh my, I have 15. I deleted so many! Oh, my friend texted me! Goodnight, okay. Goodbye. I have this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and that’s all. Alright so, I got a bunch, like a bunch. Wait, look at you! I got this one, What!? [They Laugh] That’s one. That’s a video, that’s a video, that’s a video, that’s a video, that’s a video, that’s a video, Oh, two! Three, four, five, six, Who’s that girl on the floor? Six, Why are you skipping through? That’s a video, six, There’s so many other weird ones! I have so many weird videos. Six, six, six, Seven! That’s not a selfie. It’s still my face. Why, why do I just have a bunch of pictures of Chibi? Alright, eight. That was a face swap. (Laughter) That’s funny. What are you doing? Seven, another (mumbles). Seven, eight, nine, Oh, that’s a delicious cake. Nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, So many of the same picture. 14, Oh my god, that barely even counts! 14, that’s 14. Yeah, 14! I have five. Good stuff. Alright, 14 times three! It’s 42. Thanks. (Ronald chuckles) Okay, I have 18 points. Okie dokie, next question. Next question will get us three points. Three points for every game you have. I have like one of them. I have like six. Six! One, I love Exploding Kittens so much! Okay, I have the app! All right, games. I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I have 24 points! And you have… I have 77. I have 77, you have 24? Alright, for the next question, it’ll get us ten points. Ten points if you have the weirdest app. (Ronald scoffs) Okay, gotta find my weird app. My weird app, okay. Oh, uh, do I have a weird app? I have lots of apps but I’m not sure any of them are weird. Me either. Okay, I have one, I got it. I have my weird app. It’s called “PicMonkey.” What, no, I’m not beating, no! I don’t have a weirder app than Pig Monkey. No, not Pig Monkey – PicMonkey! Oh, I don’t wanna pick any monkey actually. (Karina laughs) Oh, hi Chibi! Chibi, what’re you doing? I don’t have any weird apps. Hi, Chibi! What should I go with? I’m going to go with– She’s like a master climber. Hey, Chibi, no! This is my precious points! So am I getting that ten points? No way! No, you’re not getting ten points. Oh, yes I am. No, you’re not. Hi, Chibi! Oh my goodness, okay, I’m going to go with Mail. Mail? That’s not a weird app! I don’t have a weird app! Okay then, I get ten points. No, wait wait wait! I’m still looking. Move your paw, I’m trying to write. Chibi, move your paw. Yes, she doesn’t want you to write! Okay, 87 for me! I don’t have any weird apps. Alright, Chibi, you’re standing on the questions. Can you stand somewhere else? There you go. (Ronald meows) So this next question will get you ten points. Ten points if your alarm is already set. Let’s check. I have an alarm! I know I do, I set one. Where’s my alarm?! I have my Bedtime, I swear to God, where’s my alarm?! It’s my alarm for my bed time, and my alarm for when I wake up. I have two alarms. And they’re set! I have one. After the week ends! 71. And I have for the weekends. Okay, fair enough. I have one. So wait, what does the question say? Does it say for every alarm? No, “if your alarm clock is already set.” It’s ten, so 97! I have two alarms so, like So 97! I have 34. No Chibi precious points. The next question will get you ten points. Ten points if you have over 100 photos on your phone. Impossible! I just got this in December. It’s possible, it’s possible. It’s possible. ‘Cause I have like, a billion photos. There’s no way. There’s no way. How many photos do I have? Wait, I only have 52! Do screenshots count? Yeah, and then go to “Photos,” you have 50 photos. And I have 52. Okay, next question will get you 13 points. 13 points! 13 points if you texted a BFF this week. I don’t text. I obviously did. I texted her the second last night, the day before that, the day before that, the day before that. Okay.
So how many points do I get? 13? Yep, 13! That means I have 110! Oh, mind blown. 110, I have 34. (Ronald laughs sheepishly) How can this happen to me? Alright, so now next question. Thirteen points! Will get you thirteen points. Thirteen points if you did a Musical.ly today. Ah, I didn’t. Wait, wait, wait, what does it say? If you did a Musical.ly today. Ten points… Nope! I did not. (They wail) Next question will get you 13 points. 13 points if you have… What is that word? It’s in cursive! If you have less than five photos. 13 points if you have less than five photos? What? 13 points if you have less than five photos. How on Earth is that possible!? (They laugh) I have 52 photos! Okay, 20 points if you texted your parents yesterday. I don’t text my parents. (Ronald chuckles) Did I text my parents yesterday? My mom or dad. (They mimic Jeopardy’s thinking music) When was that? That was Friday. When was Friday? Oh, right now is Sunday. Oh yeah! Oh, I texted my Dad on Friday. And now it’s Sunday. Good stuff! Oh, if we did this video yesterday. Alright, next question. 20 points if you posted an Instagram photo today. No! No! I’m not good with my Instagram. 20 points if your phone case is gold. No. Well, I mean, It’s kind of gold. No, that’s plastic! No, but, the color is gold. Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on! Only a couple, like ten points. No, no, no, 20 points! Ten! ‘Cause it’s like only tiny little bits. This is gold. No it’s not, this is plastic! But it’s the color gold. Okay, 20 points. Ten! 20. Fine, 20. Okay, 25 points now. All right, 25 points. 25 points if you have pictures of someone else. I have pictures of you. And my friends! I have pictures of everyone else. And Chibi. (bursts out into laughter) Yep! Good stuff! Yep, so I get 25 points. Same with me! Aww. Aww, my pencil broke. Nice, now you can’t gain any points. I’m 79! There you go. Siri, can you give me a pencil? I can help you find office supplies and services if you turn on Location Services. Go to Location Services settings– 20 points if you follow five YouTubers on Instagram. 25 points.
25 points. Alright, let’s check my Instagram. Yes I do, hopefully. Instagram! I follow Jojo Siwa, Jeff (mumbles), Colleen Ballinjer, Miranda Sings, DanTDM, Jen, It’s Funny, Funnel Vision Fam, GusGus, (mumbles), Ronald, Dennis, and OMGFreddy. I have lots of YouTubers. Jacob, Zack, King, MattyB Raps, Miranda, DanTDM, his pugs, (laughs), Guava Juice, It’s Funny, Think Noodles, (mumbles) Preston, Mitch, StampyCat, Dennis, you, and Freddy. Mmmhmm! So I get 25 points. So, all these people are YouTubers, (Karina tries to snatch Ronald’s pencil) Hey!! I have 90 points! I have 160. (Ronald gasps) No way, you don’t. Yes I do. Oh, yes you do! Okay, last question. 25 points if your battery is 75% or more. It says 65.
65. I always charge my phone, like all the time. Always, always. And now my battery is at 78%. What’s your battery at? 34. (laughs) Your battery is at 34! (Ronald winces) And mine is at 78! She charged it before the video. No I didn’t, I always charge it! I said that I should’ve! Oh. Oh! And we missed one question. 25 points if your picture is on wallpaper. It isn’t but… Look! It’s locked, so go away. Ah, nobody has it. Well, I changed it before the video. It used to be my face on both! But I changed it! (Ronald whines) Besides, you wouldn’t have beat me because I have 185! I don’t care, I (mumbles) I have 100. (Ronald sniffles) How could this happen to me? So the winner of this challenge is… Me!! (Ronald smugly points to himself) No, me. Okay, fine, it’s you. Right, alright. Guys, we really hope you liked this video, if you did, smash that like button (mumbles)! See you all next time, goodbye! (upbeat music)

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