[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Lee Seo Jin Cooks Stew for Grandpas♥ | #GrandpasOverFlowers | #Diggle
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[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Lee Seo Jin Cooks Stew for Grandpas♥ | #GrandpasOverFlowers | #Diggle

They’re waiting (Hears the others are waiting
and gets up immediately) (Cooking for the first time
for the grandpas) They’re waiting? Focus on the food Prepare the ingredients
(Not sure what to make but it’s a soup…) you’re going to boil some water first?
(so let’s get the water boiling…) (Seo Genie is peeling the onion) – Do I wash it first and peel it?
– [Staff] Peel it first and then wash it (Solo 43-year-old
who doesn’t know anything) I’ve never cooked once in my life [Staff] He doesn’t even eat at home
because he doesn’t like to cook (Solo in his forties who doesn’t eat
because he doesn’t want to cook) I’ve never cooked in my life! If you open my fridge, I live alone, right? The top is all beer,
after that is just water And nothing else
There’s nothing else in my fridge [Staff] You don’t make anything at home? [Na PD] Oh~ He’s using his muscles
(Commentary of a man peeling onion for the first time) [Na PD] He uses his muscles
as he peels the onion (Man’s muscles experiences onions
for the first time!) [Staff] It’s rage-induced onion peeling (These big muscles are
dedicated to the onion) (Mysteries of the body:
Many muscles are used to peel onions) But to cook, don’t I need a plate
so I can pour things in and stuff? Am I suppose to just use this plastic bag? [Staff] It’s boiling already
(Blank~) (Whatever, let’s just put something in) (Don’t put in the onion peel) (Cooking king Seo Jin Recipe 1
Start with the broth from unwashed onion) (In a hurry) (Cooking king Seo Jin Recipe 2
Cook the French pork) (Curious what raw French pork
smells like…) Oh, the smell! (Says he doesn’t like it
but he keeps sniffing) (There seems to be a problem
for the cooking king) It’s not getting hot because
there’s no water, right? (Seo Jin’s hypothesis, electric pot
doesn’t work without water) (Pours in water…) Look, it works now that there’s water
(Seo Jin’s myth was revealed to be a truth) [Seo Jin] This is boiling it, isn’t it?
(As expected of NYU entering class of 89, pot works after pouring water in) (Quick adaptability
Looks pretty skilled) (Cooking king Seo Jin Recipe 3
Add Shin Goo’s pepper paste!) (Will this red water become a real stew?) [Na PD] The best thing I did for this
program was casting you for the show I really like you (Cooking king Seo Jin Recipe 4
Instead of kimchi, add shoucroute!) (Cooking king moves quickly
to stir the fried pork) It’s burnt! It’s burnt!! [Na PD] Oh, I’ve never seen
you move like this before [PD Na] You’re not usually
this kind of person (Cooking king Seo Jin Recipe 5
Add cooked French pork!) (At last the visual looks good) (First stew cooked in 43 years,
what does it taste like?) (Not edible!) (Gives up quickly
and grabs the ramen packet) (Mysteries of the Body 1, Many muscles
are used to open the ramen packet) (Mysteries of the Body 2,
Fails to open the packet with his muscles) (Whatever, rip it from the side) (Cooking king Seo Jin Recipe 6
Add ramen noodles!) (Cooking king Seo Jin Recipe 7
Create good broth with ramen seasoning) (It looks tasty) (Tries a bite first) (Chef Lee Seo Jin confidently
brings up a spoonful) – It’s okay, right?
(How does it taste like…?) (Amazing)
It’s good? Even I was surprised [Na PD] It really tastes like kimchi stew
(Two guys are excited) It’s strange but it’s better
than it looks, right? (How did this happen,
I made it but even I’m surprised..) (Let’s get this amazing stew
to the others!) Oh, you worked hard~ [Na PD] Lee Seo Jin worked hard
to make it, see how it tastes It looks tasty? It’s going to be tasty if he
worked hard to make it… It smells off! (Sir, you’re hurting me) (I know without even tasting it)
It’s already all wrong! It smells off! (Strong character Geun Hyung is teasing) (The eldest takes the first bite) [Shin Goo] Oh, we’re going to eat it here?
These aren’t glasses? Okay~ – [Seo Jin] Yes, let’s eat it here…
– Wow~ It’s very good! Is it okay? It’s very good
It’s amazing, amazing, double amazing Try the soup, it’s pretty good (Pepper paste + ramen seasoning)
(Cooking king shows confidence in the soup) Oh, it’s tasty? [Na PD] Right? It’s okay, right?
I was surprised too It’s not just okay, it’s good – It has the pepper paste you brought
– [Shin Goo] Oh~ I see


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