[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Lee Seo Jin×Choi Ji Woo We Ship You,,♥ | #GrandpasOverFlowers | #Diggle
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[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Lee Seo Jin×Choi Ji Woo We Ship You,,♥ | #GrandpasOverFlowers | #Diggle

This is the head of Dubai’s tourism
bureau called Choi Mi Hyang (Seo Jin is shy about their first meeting) It says Choi Mi Hyang here So I was wondering who it was
(Seo Jin strikes up a conversation) It sounded like such a familiar name
(Dimples are already under water) We wanted to brighten up the atmosphere So we asked her to help be a porter
(Still shy to sit next to Ji Woo) So she’ll be with us till the end?
(Dimples are still under water) Choi Ji Woo will probably
be with us till the end That’s much better Okay, the two of you should go! (Two who seems to be like
siblings or couples) The two of them look nice together [♬ BGM “Red Velvet –
Ice Cream Cake” Playing ♬] We’re going for one-day tickets, right? Shouldn’t we? They look good together, right? Ji Woo is really, she’s very good-hearted Where are they going? – To buy tickets, tickets for the subway
– What? Red? Red?
(Peekaboo) Yes, we need to buy red cards? (Just here to buy tickets
but his dimples are in full force) Six one-day tickets please, six adults
(Six one-day tickets for adults) How much is this?
(Reliable shoulders) (One-day tickets,
16dirham per person (4800won)) You printed it out?
(Wow, you printed the subway linemap?) Yes, we’ll ride this… Where did you print that out?
(Surprised by her preparedness!) Because we have to find the accommodations Do you want one? How many did you print out? I printed out six copies
(Six copies, one for each person) (Though he tries to hold it back.. He…) (Can’t help but keep smiling) (After 46 years of a
lonely porter’s life…) (He’s found someone) (Warm) (Nom) (Nom) (Like siblings… or couples…) (A trip that makes your heart race
has begun) (However, she holds some grudge
deep in her heart) – That’s so unfair
– Ok, ok (Pat pat) What I said was to get rooms
like this and this! It’s not fair! It’s because we said the
wrong number of people But why does that matter? (Sour)
Let’s just go up first – Once we go up…
– It’s so unfair (Looks over) There will always be an
unexpected situation It’s because they were waiting,
but really, I just… I really wanted to pull up
the reservation to show everyone (Picture with an affectionate pose!)
[Staff] We’ll take a photo (Doesn’t seem to dislike it) Take the photo with what?
(Then should we take one photo?) There’s no camera Oh, weren’t they going to
take it with this? No? – Never mind!
– Let’s take a photo (Seo Jin says never mind,
but doesn’t leave) (Looks outside) Let’s take it Oh, that’s a swimming pool, right?
(Saying nonsense) We should stay somewhere like that (Dimples make a return) (But why…
Why is he leaning back so much…) – What?
– I shouldn’t be at the front Why? Your face is small
(Fusses that Ji Woo has a small face) No, but you should still
be the one up front (What is it, what is it~
I have a good intuition~) (Story of rage behind the
affectionate pose) [Staff] Those two are always off
by themselves [Staff] They don’t take care of you
and go off on their own… I’d like for things to work out
between them


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