• Jeff Mann

    Hey Dan. I own some pretty 'cool' content sites and I get emails like the ones you prescribe in your video all the time.

    Know what I do? Hit trash every time.

    Why? Because frankly I find it a bit offensive.

    Reason being, I spend days creating my big articles. I spend hours on research, tweaking my copy. Finding the most relevant resources to link to.

    So when someone emails me out of the blue saying:

    …."Hi, I read your article and I think my resource is better than the ones you chose to put in your article. Please add my link…."

    …I'm like:
    …. "No it's not. F*ck off. I spent days researching and writing this piece"

    So, as a writer and publisher, as well as an SEO, I have no motivation to send out 200 emails telling people that I think they should re-edit their work to include a link to mine.

    I think it's disrespectful, which is why I instantly trash any emails like this.

    Just my take….

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