Why does Google give SEO advice?
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Why does Google give SEO advice?

Here’s a fun question from
borislav123 in Plovdiv. Borislav wants to know
why Google supports SEO specialists with advice. Google business is to sell text
ads/ad space so bad optimized websites are the target
of Google, aren’t they? With giving good SEO advice
Google works against its business or it’s not true? OK, so let me take a step back
and sort of rephrase what I think Borislav is
trying to ask. I think he’s saying, look, if
everybody has really bad SEO and they can’t rank the way
that they want then they have to buy ads and isn’t that
a good thing for Google? I think that’s kind of a
short-term view of things and Google tries to
take the long-term. For example, we never showed
pop-up ads on Google even though it might have meant a
little bit more money up front because we knew it would also
annoy users and make them less likely to come back. So I think you’re making the
mistake, Borislav, if you’ll let me talk to you personally
for a second, that I think you’re thinking all SEO is
bad or all SEO is evil. And the fact is that there’s
a lot of white hat SEO that’s really great for
webmasters to know. They make their site more
accessible, so that everybody can find the pages
on their site. They make it more clear, it can
help with the organization, so there’s a lot of reasons to
help sites with their SEO so that everybody can benefit. More to the point, I think
whenever the web does well Google does well. So we try to give
white hat advice. We’re not going to teach you
how to cloak, we’re not going to try to show you the best
ways to key word stuff or anything like that. But we do try to give advice to
all the webmasters out there who really could use the help
and want to use the help in a white hat way. And I think if we help people
with all of those problems then the web gets better,
more people use the web, and Google does well. So I don’t think that it has to
be something like, oh, we help websites rank better and then
they don’t need to advertise. That’s sort of a
short-sighted view. We say, look, we try to help
people make the web a better experience, more people will be
on the web, they’ll stay on the web longer, they’ll be happier. And just the halo effect, the
reflected effect of all of that is that people will search
more, and then a few of the times they’ll click on the ads. So I think we try to take a
pretty long-term view of things, and I don’t think
that it’s smart to say push everybody down so
they have to buy ads. That’s not the sort of way
that we think at Google.


  • Nikolay Nikolov

    Let's not forget that the number of sites that can "rank well" is a constant! So it is imposible this number to increase. It will be just other sites investing in ads. So Google has nothing to lose.

  • wearealltubes

    @wintogreen1 There would be a clear ethical issue there, so it would go against their stated company policy. Plus, when I think of awesome sites, i don't think of pages with adsense on them, and google does want awesome sites to rank well!


    Or simply google wants to "teach us" SEO so people who search with google find what they want. If a user search for something and google return non related results they wont use it. So Google Needs US and WE need Google.

    That is how i see it.

  • DirtyTalkTips

    I keep thinking that good, unique content will make my website rise to the top as Google says, however, my competition (who spams irrelevant blog comments) are DOMINATING my seo. I'm press releasing, videos, article submission. Nope. Blog comments are way more powerful.

  • Kevin Morton

    Well its the hole I'm feeling lucky, there was a hole report on that but I lost it.
    its why me the user likes google.

  • Borislav Arapchev

    Thank you, Matt!

    I'm a SEO specialist and I dont' think SEO is bad, I love it – the way it makes web-site more 'understandable' to search egines.

    I just wandered what the vision of Google is. Thank you.

    I really like the answers you make the users – always useful and always friendly!

    All the best!

    Borislav Arapchev, Plovdiv

  • Shiv Kumar

    Apart from SEO, You can get targeted visitors via Yahoo! Answer, Squidoo lens, Hubpages, Video sharing, Social sites like Orkut and Facebook and also get their email ads.

  • Amit Patekar

    Now a days google is puttting lots of ads on google.com home page, and the organic results are given second preference. Why will people click on the organic results when they see the websites on top ( Advertisers).

  • Spook SEO

    Google has its own reasons for giving SEO advice. They do want users to be able to find great sites in their results, but they also want to stop people from using Black Hat tactics to beat their way to the top of the search algorithms. So people can't trust everything Google says.

  • Tanya Herbert

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  • EverSpark Interactive

    If Google were to push every website down so they would have to buy ads, would people continue using Google when there are other choices? No, I think that at least part of the reason why Google offers so much free advice and free tools, is that they received so many complaints from Internet users over the years that they pretty much had to take some sort of action.

  • D Keo

    Its a very good advice and very informative video.I think Google help us because they are also benefited from us.Its a win-win situation.

  • donna peris

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  • Jake Pranger

    I really liked the video. Ive been working with this stuff for a while now. has the hummingbird update given you any trouble?

  • AlkoSpace Inc

    Well there is going to be a website listed in the organic search results section.The question is who is going to follow webmasters advice and rank higher.

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    It's good to listen to this advice from Google because you can learn more about how Google works… from a SEO standpoint!

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