Why doesn’t Google release an SEO quality check up calculator?
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Why doesn’t Google release an SEO quality check up calculator?

Today’s question comes
from India. And the question is, why doesn’t
Google release an SEO quality check up calculator? This will help people to
optimize their websites in the right direction. Is Google willing to do this
or it just wants people to keep guessing what’s wrong
with their websites? Great question. So, yes and no. In some sense, we do want it
to be easy to do SEO in the sense that we want to tell
people about mechanical issues, like if they shoot
themselves in the foot with a noindex, or if they’re doing
really, really bad things, like block themselves
out with robots.txe. And we have started to send a
lot more notifications of our manual actions on web spam. So if we think that there is
something wrong with their website to the point where we’re
willing to take manual action, we pretty much do send a
notification to, as far as I know, 99.9% of all those
people at this point. So we do try to provide that. And if you think about what
Webmaster Tools provides, we try to provide information to
help regular webmasters, mom and pops, and ideally not help
the people who are really, really trying to spam a lot. So information about how fast
your site is, for example, that’s something where when you
optimize for that, it’s not just good for Google, it’s
also good for users. That’s a fantastic way to spend
your time, and it really helps the user experience. Whereas if we were to just
give an exact score– so back in the early days,
Infoseek would actually let you submit a page, see
immediately where it was ranking, let you submit
another page. And there are stories that have
lasted since then about how people would just spend
their entire day spamming Infoseek, tweaking every single
thing until they got exactly the right template
that would work to rank number one. So we don’t want to encourage
that kind of experimentation. And we know that if we give
exact numbers and say, OK, this is how you’re ranking on
this particular sort of algorithm, or how you rank along
this axis, people will try to spam that. But what we do want to provide
is a lot of really useful tools for all the people who are
doing it themselves, mom and pops, people who are really
interested and just want to dig into it, agencies
who want to have more information so they can do
productive optimization, all that sort of stuff. So we don’t want to make it easy
for the spammers, but we do want to make it as easy as
possible for everybody else. There’s inherently a tension
there and we’re always trying to find the features that will
help regular people while not just making it easy
to spam Google.


  • Kenneth von Rauch

    I have a question. Is it OK to download your video, upload it to my channel and add subtitles for another language? I mean I just want to make these videos available for the people who don't speak English.

  • RemixPicture

    I don't really know why you jumped to the conclusion that people who care about their SEO and want to optimize it are spammers. Should the industry suffer because there are some bad apples out there?

  • m0r1arty

    Did you miss the part when Google Webmaster Tools was mentioned? You know, a tool which lets you see all links associated with pages and tons of other tools which help you to optimise your site – all for free!

    I know, I know. Self entitled iPad users expect free to mean valueless – off you pop!

  • Donald Coggan

    I think it would be more helpful if you could move in the direction of offering more clarity. Let me use an analogy. Let's say your wife is unhappy about something you did, but she doesn't say exactly what. You're anguished because you don't know what you did and you have no evil intentions anyway. So you press her for details. Bit by bit she tells you a little more, until finally she tells you and you say, "Why didn't you just tell me that in the first place!" Be as direct as you can.

  • RemixPicture

    No, I've been doing Internet marketing for over 5 years and I see the same answers every time. Blackhat spammers does not play by the rules so they wouldn't care about an SEO score, they're only interested in how much they can accomplish without doing any actual work. An SEO score would pretty much only help whitehat/greyhat users to make their websites better. Besides, there's plenty of websites already giving SEO scores based on Google's search engine, so why wouldn't Google themselves do it?

  • Craig Chamberlin

    This is definitely a delicate balance. I completely understand the necessity for vagueness. In reality, if you want your site to succeed on Google, be honest and follow simple SEO techniques consistently over a long period of time.

  • m0r1arty

    January 1st 2012. The entire 'SEO' industry jumps on Google because an advertising firm they used 'accidentally' hired 'Blogger moms' who, one of which, linked to the Chrome download site.

    Google used it's own punishment scheme on itself to show that it believes in transparency and upkeep of it's ideals and standards.

    What do you think would happen if it released a full 'score' on sites? SEO 'marketeers' would exploit their asses off – I like what Google does for free and am thankful for it.

  • Marcelo Custódio

    Simple answer before watching the video: because this would reveal much of the Google´s core business which is obviously undesirable.

  • Vexo

    Googlewebmaster is junk. It tells you something is wrong but not what. It tells you to ask on the forums. And once you do that nobody finds anything wrong and you back to square one. You might as well not tell us.

  • rorosamy

    i work in SEO (few monts now) and i alwys wonder, how will a new site (with a great content) will get to first page without any SEO? i find it kinda ood that even afther good index the site, it can witch is better for the user base. even if this will work aginst my clients, it will make people work harder on the site content, and wont need me a SEO guy write on stuff i have no idea about, becuse they want to make sure it apply all the SEO "ruels". (sory for my english)

  • MrTVTL905

    Guys, this isn't a hard message to figure out. Since people aren't getting it, though, here it is.

    If you're screwing up and not screwing Google, Google will help.
    If you're getting screwed and not screwing Google, Google will help.
    If you're screwing Google, Google will tell you to go pound sand.

    He answered the question as well as he could have. The problem is that the question is horrible. You don't like Matt's "garbage out" responses? Stop asking "garbage in" questions.

  • freekzero

    You're talking about apples as if they're oranges. A ranking system would just make the blackhatters' job much easier and users of black hat methods virtually risk-free. That would all but destroy search. What you're asking is analogous to open sourcing Windows: a hacker's job would become nearly trivial.

  • freekzero

    I understand what you are saying, but I think you are missing the point. Ranking score won't just be a 1 to 100 scale that anybody can maximize like you can a Pagespeed score, otherwise a site like Wikipedia wouldn't come above a better SEOed tiny startup. So it isn't just about setting up your site perfectly, it is about making your site look important/popular/respected via external methods. Having a ranking tool would make it easy to find out how to fool google on this critical aspect.

  • Domsa19

    You're confusing SERP positioning with Page Rank. Page Rank doesn't necessarily mean top 3 ranking on page 1 for a certain keyword. PR represents the value that Google gives you as a website. Now, a high PR does help with ranking, but in most cases (from my exp), it doesn't determine ranking. For example, I have a website about dogs and it has PR 6. I might not be ranked top 3 for the term ''dog collars'', since its only a fraction of my content, while some sites deal with that topic in depth.

  • pIatinger

    If in return for her answer you start abusing her then you are doing exactly what Google experienced as the reaction of SEO professionals. I mean I understood what he meant and I´m not even a native English speaker.

  • Donald Coggan

    There's no problem understanding the question or the answer. The issue is Google finding the right balance of information. It needs to be enough to help the moms and pops but not enough to encourage those who try to game the system. Another analogy… We ask Google how to get to the mountain top. Google is now says, "You're off track." A better answer is, "Go north 10 km, turn left and go another 10 km." Not saying we need a GPS, just that clearer direction would be more helpful. 🙂

  • Eric Frei

    For a machine to gauge or measure which website is better and list them in sequence for all to see is what is fuelling this, whether or not the algo is disclosed is irrelevant as the result is what people see. Then they embark on what humans do by nature, fight for #1 position. I know of people who replaced their business name website and got a keyword loaded domain website and straight away outranked their old site but with the same content. Clearly EMD update failed for this old algo issue

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  • RankYa

    That's right Matt, Google has got the balance right as far as providing useful tool (webmasters tool) for us who want to follow Google guidelines. And if you were to share more than what you already do, then as you know, there will be some who simply will spam more and more. So don't change it, nor provide calculator like Bing (which really is a silly idea anyway) because how would anyone calculate each users experience. Isn't that what search engine optimisation is? Or have I got it all wrong?

  • fishandcrap

    you should check out the link that i posted on my channel. The site that i posted is allowing webmaster to sign up for a 1 month free trial. During this time, the company will work with you to set up a unique plan to get your site ranked high on google, bing, and yanhoo.

  • Leeza Rodriguez

    If content is Google's # 1 goal, WMT should have a more user friendly interface. Regular Mom and Pop businesses are generally not statisticians. Most do not even know what bounce rate is, and we are wasting time in the vicious cycle of figuring out what's wrong!?!

    In 2011, Amit Singhal outlined 23 points for quality content. They are ALL subjective and impossible to know what Google thinks. Why can't Google put plain english indicators in WMT?? Trust, authority,duplicate content, etc.

  • Spook SEO

    Hmmm.. My take on it is that having a calculator isn't something that spammers would use. I mean, they can calculate all they want but they never want to put in the hard work. So why not add the calculator but just make the qualifying factors harder for the spammers to be discouraged.

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