Why doesn’t Webmaster Tools have multiple-country targeting?
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Why doesn’t Webmaster Tools have multiple-country targeting?

Welcome back for another round of Webmaster
Videos! And surprise surprise, I have hair again! I let it grow out most of April and
we’re recording these videos in May. So it’s a little shorter, but it’s not quite completely
bald. Anyway let’s jump right in with the most popular
question, it comes from Dave Davis in Dublin, Ireland. Dave asks: “Hi Matt. AdWords allows,
(and it’s pretty accurate) location-targeting. Why can’t you guys allow multiplecountry targeting
in Webmaster Tools instead of just one? It would solve an age-old problem for webmasters
targeting multiple countries.” It’s a great question Dave. Um, I can see
at least a couple possible answers to that. The answer that I would give you first and
foremost is that I always worry whenever you give someone the option to say, “I’m relevant
to country A, Country B, Country C, Country D”, all the way down to Country Z, that at
some point, they say, “You know what? Yeah, I’m relevant to all those countries. I’m relevant
to Chad, I’m relevant to Chile. Tag, you know, show me for every single country.
And, so, at least in the beginning, whether we were talking about having Meta Tags to
tell what country you were relevant for, or whether we were talking about targeting something
in Webmaster Tools, I at least was a little worried that people would say, “Yes! Click
every single checkbox.” Because even on the spam report form, for example, we sometimes
see people say, “Yes, I’m going to click every single box- Hidden Text, sure, Cloaking, why
not, every single one.” And that’s not the highest-quality of information that you can
possibly get. So that’s one big reason is, we wanted to
explore, see how it looked, see what the quality of the data looked like, before we started
to release the ability where someone could say, “I’m relevant to every country! Show
me in Libya, show me ah, in every country in the world!” Uh, the other thing to bear
in mind is that with AdWords you’re paying for it now, so, a lot of the features that
eventually sort of show up in, in webmaster tools, things like delegation, uh, showed
up a lot earlier in AdWords, because since you’re paying for AdWords, people expect a
slightly higher quality of service. So, it’s definitely a good feature request.
Um, if we could find a way to do it where, um, it wouldn’t take up a ton of engineering
resources, um, it would improve the quality of the index, and the engineers had the cycles
to do it, I would definitely support it, I’d just want to make sure that it wouldn’t result
in some sort of spam. Um, but it is a good feature request, we’ll put it on the queue,
and thanks for suggesting it.


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