Why I Use Instagram For B2B | Connecting Through Social Media
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Why I Use Instagram For B2B | Connecting Through Social Media

– I’m on Facebook. I’m on LinkedIn. I’m on YouTube. I’m on all the major social sites. I’m even on Twitter. I even have an Instagram account. But you know what’s the
interesting thing about Instagram? If you go to my profile you’ll only notice one image. So, how am I really on Instagram and I’m a marketer, but yet
I’m barely posting any images. I’m not really doing any stories. I’m not really leveraging it. But why am I on it? Why am I talking about it? I’m not posting images on Instagram because I am in the B2B sector. In the B2B sector, yes
you can you Instagram, you can potentially get customers. It’s much more difficult
than it is to get customers versus if you use SEO, or you use Facebook, or
even LinkedIn, or YouTube, or some of the other
social channels out there. I’m not saying Instagram in useless. I’m just saying there’s
only so much time in the day that I have to pick the
channels that will work best for me and my business. So when you’re out there tryna figure out, hey what social network should I be on? Yeah, everyone’s gonna
tell you be on all of ’em. But it’s not realistic
for you to leverage all of them with the same
energy, the same effort. Yes if you hire a team, you hire some staff to help you out. Could be possible. But if you’re doing things by yourself it’s just not doable. Even me. I have a team. But I don’t have a group
of people who are following me around and helping
me with my social media. So when you’re picking your channels, you have to figure out
what’s right for you. Instagram isn’t right for me. Now what I do use Instagram for, is to connect with my team members. I don’t always go into the office, but I wanna see what people are up to. So I enjoy following everyone
who works at the company. At least the ones who
want me to follow them. I look at their pictures,
their status updates, it let’s me comment,
interact with them, engage. I do this over Instagram versus Facebook ’cause for me it’s more personal. I’ve noticed that people
post more personal stuff on their Instagram than
they do on Facebook. I love it because I’m getting to know my team members. See when I work with people, it’s not just about, it’s a paycheck, you’re giving someone money
and they do some work. It’s about getting to
know them personally. Finding out what goals and objectives that they’re tryna
accomplish and solve in life. If I can help them get
there, why wouldn’t I? They’re helping me, right? It’s not just your team
members. It’s your family. Two things. One, don’t focus on all
the social networks. Pick the one that’s most related to you. It’s okay if you’re
not on all the booming, most popular ones. As I mentioned, I’m not
really on Instagram. Two, with the social networks, don’t just use them as a marketing channel where you can promote
your products or services, or become quote on quote Insta-famous, or social media famous. Also use them to connect with people. Get to know them. Build relationships. Help people. If you genuinely care for people, you’ll be there for them. I can’t always be in the
office so I try to do… Building my relationships
and my connections with my team members over social media.


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