“Why Is a Site With No Links Outranking Us?”
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“Why Is a Site With No Links Outranking Us?”

Hello, this is John Locke, and today I’m
answering an interesting question that I saw an SEO thread, The question goes, “How can a website with a zero Domain Rank, that is a fairly new website, be outranking all these other websites with a far superior link profile, for a medium
competition keyword?” Now, I get the impression that the person who’s asking
this question is using a SEO tool to determine the link profile, and the
Domain Rank and other metrics. Keep in mind, these SEO tools
use their own proprietary metrics. Google does not use those metrics. Google uses
their own internal metrics to determine the strength of a site’s link profile, and fit that
into the algorithm. A couple things might be going on with this situation.
This apparently new site with a weak link profile is outranking your
site, which has a strong link profile and it’s been around for a while. One thing that that
could be happening is, they might have changed their domain name recently. If you’re using Moz, which is a bit notorious for lagging
behind having an accurate link profile of websites, it might not have
caught up yet. Other tools like Ahrefs, they’re
a bit better about keeping current with what the link profile is. It’s possible that they recently changed their domain name, and they actually have links
that are coming to that site, but your tool is not showing them. That could
be one reason why they’re ranking above you. Number two, and this is a must for
any type of site or any type of page that wants to rank, they probably have a
page that is optimized for that keyword. Meaning the keyword phrase appears in
the title, in the URL, it appears in the description, in the sub-headlines, and in the body text of the page.
Also, that page might better satisfy the searcher intent. If people are
searching for a particular thing, that page tells them how to find it, gives some
information on it, or lets them complete their task that they’re coming there to
do. That page is probably optimized in those particular ways, not only for
keywords, but also for search intent, letting people get to their goal. The
third thing that might be happening is, they might have other links
that you don’t know about. This is far less likely (than the other possibilities), but they might have
hidden links somewhere that you’re not seeing. That is possible. People do use
black hat SEO links, and sometimes they shield some of the SEO tools from
finding them, so that’s possible. The fourth thing that might be
happening — and I don’t think that it’s true in your particular situation, but it does
happen sometimes — Google will take a fairly new site, and maybe it doesn’t
have a lot of links, but it hasn’t been tested to see how it will do on page one (of search results). Google usually doesn’t push these all
the way to number one. Though it usually will put them in the top ten, on that
first page, to see how they do. Google
doesn’t know how well a page will perform until it gives it a push. It
will do this from time to time, just taking a newer site that fits this search query,
and they will push it up to see how it performs.If it performs
well in the top ten, it might get pushed up into the top five. Possibly, eventually to
number one. I don’t know how long the time frame
was for this particular page to get to number one. But that is something
that could have happened as well. In any case, it’s not just about the
links. It’s not just about the link profile. You must have the page
optimized in a way to where it’s mentioning the keyword phrase, and letting people
get to their destination So, whether that’s buying a product,
or hiring someone, or finding information on that subject. Don’t just go by your SEO tools, because sometimes they have gaps. Certain tools
have more gaps than others, but all SEO tools are trying to
approximate what Google is doing. They are not Google itself. They are trying to figure out what Google is doing, along with the rest of
us SEOs. That is my advice. Look at what they’re doing right on their page.
Look for patterns of things that you might replicate. You might need to add
some different content, or more content to your page. You might need to mention the
keyword phrase. You might need to have better links. You might have a lot more
links, but you might need to have more categorically relevant links. Look at
what makes (the top position rank that page). If you can’t see what this number one result has (on-page), look at some
of the other ones in your category. See what types of links they have, or what sites are
linking to them. See if you can do something similar to that. I hope that
helps. My name is John Locke. I hope that explains why sometimes a site that is
newer, and seemingly has no links, gets a push. If you have questions, leave
them in comments below. We’re here publishing videos every single day. I
would love to see you subscribe. That’s all I have for now. Until next time, peace.

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