Why multitasking aggravates the stress related to change management

– So I’m in beautiful
Orlando, Florida right now. I just got done doing a sound check in the other room here. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be speaking at Abrigo’s Think Big Conference. I’ll be the keynote
speaker in the morning. And, Abrigo provides services
to the financial industry. So we’ve got banks, financial
leaders in the room. And they want to learn
about change management. That’s the biggest issue that
people, at least in finance, are experiencing right now; all the change, all the
mergers, all the acquisitions. And I’m going to be talking with them about “The Myth of Multitasking.” What do those two have
to do with each other? Everything, because
when I go into companies and I consult them, when I coach people, the biggest obstacle to
people making change happen, isn’t a lack of knowledge. And there are going to be
people at this conference giving them great knowledge. It’s not a lack of desire. People understand the need to do that because of what’s happening in the trends. The biggest problem is a lack of time. You go in, it doesn’t matter
what your industry is, you go in and you talk to someone, you say we need to change x,
y, z, their reaction is panic. And it’s simply because
the brain is hard wired to resist change, especially
when it feels overburdening. You’ve got this burden on your shoulder like you can’t keep up with everything. So if you want people to be
able to make change happen, the first thing that you need to do, is teach them good time management, not just time management
on how to organize things in boxes, but time management
that gives them more time, like I’m going to be
talking about with The Myth of Multitasking tomorrow, because then, when you go to
them and ask change to happen, they go, all right, it’s
going to take a little work, but I can do it because I have the time.

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