Why Wix and Squarespace is Bad For SEO
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Why Wix and Squarespace is Bad For SEO

Hey everybody this is Joe baby from
Joseph Paul’s digital agency and this is your traffic Tuesday I get a lot of
questions from small businesses about why they shouldn’t use Wix or
Squarespace and I often tell them that I won’t work with them unless they get off
those platforms because much like the picture here Indiana Jones’s foe is
bringing a knife to a gunfight and you’re not doing yourself any justice
the first place that they’re not doing you any justice is how fast your website
is Google’s openly admitted that one of the ranking factors for SEO is site
speed and that’s how they decide where you rank it also leads to poor user
experience and leading your users to bounce if it takes too long to load
they’re likely to jump off your website before any content is presented and the
biggest factor of all the biggest reason to get away from these is it leads to
index problems Google only has so many resources to crawl your website and if
your website takes too long to load then they’re going to leave your website
before they can crawl your whole website which means they can’t index it. Another issue with
these two platforms is they don’t let you have full control over
your headings or also known as age tags depending on the template you’re using
with the two platforms you’re not able to alter them at all or have much
control over them so in each one two action is the overall title of your page
and it should over it should accurately describe what the page is about the h2
tags help support the h1 tag in terms of the points you want to make to prove the
h1 tag and then the h3 tags are the finer points that help support the h2
tags it structures your website so that it’s organized and it makes much more
sense to Google and to readers for user experience let’s talk structured data
what structured data is is ayla coding language that all search engines speak
and helps them understand what it is that your content is about and you’ve
likely seen it like something like this that presents inside the Google search
well wicks and Squarespace don’t do structured data properly every time and
when there’s an update to how the search engines want to see it you have to wait
for them to update their code to do it while in WordPress you can just do it on
your own and modify right away alright on both these platforms you’re not able
to customize your site map and what a site map is is the blueprint of your
website telling Google how to crawl your website what’s on your website and what
pages they should prioritize over others so that means you’re giving Google the
inside tip on what pages are most important to you into your readers on
these platforms you’re not able to do that all right just to wrap everything
up you want to avoid these so that you have site speed and that will help you
increase your user experience and help you increase your ability to be indexed.
You also want to be able to customize your headings that way it’s more
organized for users and it’s more organized for Google you want to be able
to correctly implement structured data that way you get featured snippets
within Google and they understand you and then lastly you want to be able to
do custom sitemaps that way you can tell Google what’s priority on your website
for them to crawl and index anyways this is Joe baby with Joseph ball digital
agency and this is your traffic Tuesday

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