Will a “coming soon” page negatively impact my site?
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Will a “coming soon” page negatively impact my site?

>>CUTTS: Remiz Rahnas from Kerala, India
asks, “Is it good to put a ‘coming soon’ page for new domains? Google seems to prioritize
new domains in SERPs. Will a ‘coming soon’ page stand as a negative for it?” No. I would,
you know, I think a “coming soon” page can be pretty smart. I think it’s good for users
so that they don’t just end up on a “black hole page” that, you know, it doesn’t resolve
or something like that. If you have some content that’s coming out, I don’t think there’s any
harm from having a “coming soon” page and then as you get more content you can put that
content out there and then when the full site is ready you can have the full site out there.
So I wouldn’t worry about, you know, ranking-wise, that being a problem. I think it can be a
good thing for users and it can be a good thing for search engines.


  • netandful

    Google does NOT prioritize new domains, in fact last algorithm affects new sites that target long tail keywords. Try to think like if you were them, would you want spammers to create a new site to rule every topic and destroy their search engine? no.

  • cintrik

    aww matt, booooo…a coming soon page may not be a bad thing for google ranking, but it looks very unprofessional in the visitors eye and may deter that visitor from ever visiting again. I would say just park the domain and do no submit to google until you at least have your main page up with content.Deads links are a no no though so you might be better off parking and just launching until all is ready.

  • Mathewmartialart

    i would say its better than not having anything there, and especially just having the default info crap that means nothing, we are in a culture today where domains are parked just to gain revenue and nothing happens with them, yet a coming soon page shows somewhat legitimacy of content of the domain and its owner

  • Francis Li

    Sorry to dig this out of the grave but if we have a resource library with 30+ pages of coming soon pages, would that affect SEO? Has any of the algorithms changed (to Panda)? From what I understand, google might see this as "thin content" and duplicate content and could get penalized by Panda.

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