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Will Artificial Intelligence Change SEO in 2019 | Digital Marketing News Today

Have you ever bought something from
Amazon and then as soon as you get them buying it they’re sending you
suggestions for other products that you’re probably going to want to buy as
well if that’s the case you’ve been targeted by artificial intelligence and
in today’s video we’re going to talk about how artificial intelligence is
actually going to change the game for search engine marketing for social for
everything with regards to digital marketing in 2019 so stay tuned for
another episode of digital marketing news today and welcome back everybody my name is
Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this channel we talk
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the cool stuff we do here at my channel now artificial intelligence is something
that is really cool and it’s because of the fact that it takes things like your
actions things you’re searching for already and it starts to build an
information database of all of those things that all of the people out there
in the world are doing and it starts to predict your next your next action or
the next thing that you’re going to want to do and so what it’s doing is it’s
actually changing how SEO is done in 2019 and Beyond because you’re not just
going to be able to rely on things like backlinks and keywords anymore right so
let’s talk about how artificial intelligence is going to impact all of
that very quickly but before we do that make sure to stay tuned to the end of
this video and I’m gonna give you a tool that we use here to help us rank number
one on Google for a bunch of different topics that we cover at Cereal
Entrepreneur now the cool thing about AI is the fact that it is taking things
that you do that all of us customers and people viewers out on the internet do
and it starts to replicate other things that people might do that have taken
similar actions before right and so how does that work well basically Google is
using AI also known as machine learning to take things like page engagements
time spent on the page basically how relevant that pages and how
user-friendly each website is and then they use that information to determine
well if someone searches for something like this topic we should probably send
it to other people that search for things like this topic right and so
that’s what machine learning is doing and people are using this not only with
search engines but like I said earlier Amazon actually uses the same technology
to show new products to people who have previously searched or viewed or even
purchase another product in another category right so there might be two
similar similar things that go to get like snowboarding masks and a beanie
right I actually just went snowboarding and I bought a mask and they showed a
beanie that they recommended that a lot of other people bought right and so
they’re taking those things and they know that if someone buys a mask they
might need a beanie because it’s also cold and their ears will get cold in
their head will get cold right and so that’s what machine learning allows you
to do in fact it can go even further because of the fact that it can actually
take your content your website and it can look at what pages of your website
what specific blog articles what videos what specific buttons and pages on your
site are performing the best and which one actually has the most time spent the
most positive engagement on the page and then it wants to take that information
and share it again with other people who have the same interests the cool thing
is by mapping different pieces of content to specific intent you’re able
to actually take all of that information and use it to cross-sell or upsell to
other clients so basically what I’m trying to say is if somebody has a
specific intent meaning let’s say that someone came to Google to search for a
new puppy right and then you show them a website with all kinds of new puppies
Google’s going to take that information and say okay well someone stayed on this
website for five minutes after searching for new puppies right and so other
people in this exact same area that are searching for new puppies we should
probably show that website too right and so that’s what it actually does right it
tells you okay now we can do this and if say for example your website started
selling dog collars right people who actually visited your site and purchased
a puppy we can actually now upsell a dog collar too because we know that they
came to our site and they visited that you visited our site for that specific
reason so quick question guys do you feel that using artificial intelligence
to help consumers is a good thing or do you feel it’s too intrusive I want to
know your opinion leave it in the comments below because this is one of
the bigger arguments that people have about things like the Facebook pixel and
artificial intelligence and the Big Brother watching you on the internet so
leave a comment below what really needs to happen as marketers have to start to
understand that with SEO you have to rely on more than just keywords you have
to rely on more than just backlinks or PB ends
those are important but ultimately you have to create quality rich content that
people are going to want to engage with and that addresses their search intent
I’ve said this several times before but Google’s job is to provide search engine
results that the user finds valuable and actually solves the problem that they
came to the search engine with and to make sure that content is always focused
on the user and that it actually is quality content Google actually created
something called rankbrain which is their algorithm that actually
tells whether something is quality or not so let’s go into a few of the things
that rankbrain looks for the first thing is to use keyword phrases that
echo the searchers search basically what they’re searching online and how they
would search it you’re going to want to use those specific types of keyword
phrases in your content why because that’s how people are searching for that
content so you want to make sure that you actually have freezing in your
articles or your videos that represent or that very they’re they’re very
similar to the style of search that someone might perform to find that piece
of content the second thing is to phrase your keywords with Google’s keyword
planning tools like keyword planner because that actually is a place you can
go to find how people are phrasing those keywords to find that specific kind of
content the third thing is to take all of those searches and then to write
content that flows naturally right you wouldn’t want it to sound weird or look
weird because some of the searches that people can put in sometimes are kind of
weird they’re kind of off so you’re gonna have to find a way to take those
keyword phrases and make it fit naturally into the content that you
create and then the fourth thing is to write to intrigue entice and inform and
the reason why is because that’s what makes quality content so that’s
ultimately what rankbrain is looking for right make it something that people
actually want to read don’t just put something down on a piece of paper and that’s all we need to do that’s not good quality content it does take
time we put probably four to five hours into each video that we create so take
the time to create quality content plan it out produce it well and then make
sure that when you actually put it out and schedule it and post it out that
tons of people get it and that you put it out on all of your channels so it
gets the most juice so what is the future
of SEO look like for 2019 and beyond basically the first thing is keywords
are gonna become less relevant why because it’s not about the keywords it’s
about the intent of the user and it’s about the quality of the content the
second thing is that machine learning are essentially artificial intelligence
is making it easier for things like rankbrain
to use machine learning to basically match search concepts or search queries
that people are putting out there it’s not ultimately just about keywords
anymore so you have to understand that and this
also comes with the increased prevalence of voice search so if you want to learn
more about voice search and if you’re ready for that luckily for you we put
together a video on that so just check out that video up in the top right hand
corner there’s going to be a reduced emphasis on page signals like backlinks
yes they are important but ultimately over time we’ve seen them decrease and
importance as a result anyways number four is keyword stuffing it’s
still a practice that people are using even though it’s considered a blackhat
practice but it is something that’s becoming less and less important and it
is something that Google is finding a lot easier it’s easier for them to track
that down and recognize it as a keyword stuffing practice so it’s no longer
important anymore title tags this is number five are gonna have less
importance as well again because it’s not just about the title of the article
it’s about the content that’s actually what drives relevance which leads me to
6 which is optimizing around the content and not just the keywords right
optimizing around what that user came there for and providing that solution to
them even if it’s for free and the final one is longtail keywords are pretty much
going to become extinct and it’s because of the fact that longtail keywords are
just ways that searches get more and more intense specific where you’re
actually trying to put something you’re you’re almost forcing the keyword phrase
into the viewers mouth or the users mouth right we want it to be more based
around the user meaning that we can’t have only certain sets of longtail
keywords mixed with the main keywords set that’s going to work for a specific
set of keywords right that that shouldn’t be the only thing that someone
should have to type in to get the exact search result that they’re looking for
and a lot of the times that’s the case but essentially guys SEO is evolving
every single day and it’s something that you have to stay on top of because it is
one of the most important ways to drive new traffic
to any of the content that you’re creating things like rankbrain and other
machine learning practices are becoming more and more prevalent and as they do
it’s going to become more more important for you to understand how those machines
are working and how the algorithms work within those machines but that’s it for
me thank you guys so much for watching as I mentioned in the beginning we’re
gonna talk to you guys about a free tool that you can use to help with your
search engine optimization efforts it helps you with keywords making sure that
you’re using the right keyword phrases if you want that video check out this or
if you want that tool rather check out this video in the top right hand corner
but that’s it for me thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already
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