WordPress Tutorial How to Add Images to Your WordPress Blog Posts SEO

Hi, Vickie Siculiano here from Say WOW Marketing.
Do you want to know how to include images on your WordPress blog posts? It’s really
simple. I’m going to take you behind the scenes in the dashboard and show you how you
can do it too. Stay tuned. So I am ready to upload my pictures to my
Wordpress blog. And what I need to do is to go to the dashboard. So for any WordPress
blog that you have, make sure that you are at the dashboard. What I like to do it to
upload it to the Media Library. Depending on which version of WordPress you
are using, it is going to be in a different place, but basically, the Media tab is where
you are going to add your pictures. Or you can add them into each individual post.
What I am going to do is to click Add New. I am going to select my files. And I have
already created 3 files for this exercise. I am going to hit Shift and I am going to
select all of them. You will notice the file names. I have included the keywords, I have
included what it is, I have also included the business name and the location. This is
specifically for SEO. So you can do it if you choose to, or not.
Open all the files. OK, great. So now that they are all uploaded to the media
library, I am going to go into Posts and I am going to choose All Posts. And then I am
going to add the individual pictures to each post that I want. I am going to choose this
one particular post to include a graphic in the beginning. I put the cursor at the beginning.
I click on Add Media. And I select the actual image from the media library.
You will see that the title is the exact file name. What I like to do is to copy that by
hitting Control A, Control C and then I go to the Alt Text and I paste it. This adds
extra SEO and it also allows people who area visually impaired to hear what is in that
image. I like to include the name of the file, or a little bit more information about what
is in the picture. “Lessons Learned Interview Part Three” and this particular one was
“the Collection Plan Effort”. OK. And then I am going to insert it into the post.
If you can, select the file size name, the file size that you want from this dropdown.
Insert it into the post. From there, you want to click on the pencil
to edit and do something else. I already changed the file size. I am going to align it center.
I like my images to be full size. Always click on this tab Open Link in a New Window so that
when people are viewing your image, they are not abandoning your website. Then you UPDATE
it. Update the post and let us go into the website to see how it is looking. This is
what it looked like before, refresh, and there is the image. And there is the caption right
below the image. Clicking on that image opens it up full size in a new window.
I hope this answers any question you had about adding images to your WordPress blog. If you
have any more questions, post a comment for me below this video. And if you liked this
video, click the LIKE. Thanks so much for watching. See you again

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