Wordtracker Review – The NEW FREE Keywords Research Tool
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Wordtracker Review – The NEW FREE Keywords Research Tool

Hi This video is a review of Wordtracker A
Free Keywords Research Tool Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com
Do you want to find profitable keywords from multiple search engines?
Are you making the mistake of using the Google Keyword Planner Tool?
How accurate is the Wordtracker Free Keywords Tool?
Many online marketers have been using the Google AdWords Tool to do keyword research
but has now been replaced by the Keyword Planner Tool.
The problem with using this tool is that it’s AdWords-based..in other words it doesn’t provide
an accurate analysis of keywords that you can use to attract traffic to your website.
Here are the Top 3 Benefits for Using WordTracker as a Keyword Research Tool
1. Discover profitable keywords 2. Discover untapped niches
3. Analyzes keywords from multiple search engines and is not in the business of selling
advertising or owns its own search engine. Here are 3 Limitations of Wordtracker
1. New Users must sign-up for an account 2. Account users must log in every time they
need to do keyword research 3. The free version only generates 100 related
keywords from your seed keyword Let’s take a look at how WordTracker Works
Here’s the sign up screen where you need to either sign up or log in
Here’s a screen you get after you logged in You enter your seed keyword in this case “wedding
dresses” Then you check your options. can be US UK
or Global Select your match and include..check those
boxes then press search and here you got all the related keywords
related to wedding dresses here’s also the number of searches search
counts the number in 30 days you’ve got your competition this measures
the level of serious competition for over 320 million keywords in Wordtracker’s database
you’ve got the IAAT which tells you how many pages your keyword appears in both the title
tag and anchor text of a backlink and the KEI which compares the number of times
a keyword has been searched for with competition. Here’s my recommendation
If you’re doing organic SEO for your own business or for a client don’t use Google’s Keyword
Planner tool because it’s Pay Per Click centric. You’ll be wasting your time and money getting
inaccurate results. Instead use the new free Wordtracker Tool
to get a more accurate analysis of potential keywords
Start Using The Free Keyword Research Tool from Wordtracker NOW!
Click the link above or vist the link in the description below this video
No other tool surpasses Wordtracker in terms of accuracy of results and scope of service.


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