Wordvantage Review 2019 (Fail-Proof SEO Plugin for NEW Bloggers) ✅
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Wordvantage Review 2019 (Fail-Proof SEO Plugin for NEW Bloggers) ✅

hi there it’s Chris here from Selfmadenewbie.com. I want to welcome you to this in depth Wordvantage review for
those of you who are creating content on WordPress regardless of whether you are
new or a veteran this Wordvantage SEO plug-in is really going to help you out
in a nutshell what this plug-in will do is while you’re creating content it will
bring up a checklist on the side of your content telling you exactly what you
need within your content in order to give your content the maximum SEO boost
that it can possibly get so it will tell you when you’re missing your keyword in
a h2 header that is in bold it tells you when you need a video when you need an
image whether your content has been overloaded too much with keywords and
what is the exact amount and as you’re fulfilling what it wants you to do you
will see your live SEO score going up and up and up and up so you know exactly
what you need to do every time you create content it’s a simple tool but
the beauty is in its simplicity today we’re going to get in-depth see what
it’s all about go through a demo or walkthrough of Wordvantage see exactly
how it works and I’m also going to throw in some free bonus products that we’re
going to check out and they are gonna help you get the absolute most out of
Wordvantage now before we get into all of that it would really help me out if
you dropped a like on this video and if you want to be updated with new videos
that I put out hit the subscribe button and turn on that Bell notification just
quickly as well before we get into checking out Wordvantage if you want to
check it out on your own or have a look at the bonus products that I have on
offer just click the link in the description at any point during this
video and you’ll be taken through to my bonus page which looks like this now the
way this bonus page works is that it’s integrated with the Wordvantage vendor
sales page so essentially if you click on any of these green buttons it will
lock in or secure my bonus products so that if you do go through to the sales
page and purchase Wordvantage you’ll receive word Vantage and all my
bonus products in one big bundle altogether now a quick look at the
bonuses bonus number one I’ve gotten for you is called 30-day content marketing
plan the reason I included this bonus product is while Wordvantage is going
to help you with your content kind of zoomed in on each bit of content you’re
going to know how to optimize it this is going to give you a more holistic
approach and training to how you need to think about your overall marketing plan
as far as your website and all your social media channels and email and
everything goes so this is a ten part video tutorial and it will include three
ways that content marketing is great for SEO tips to help you write persuasive
content it’s going to give you the six characteristics of high converting
content it’s going to tell you pitfalls and the common reasons why content
marketing fails it’s going to show you eight places that you can distribute
your content in order to play offense and get even more traffic ten methods to
generate content ideas quickly how to develop a full content marketing
strategy and how to use content to build your personal brand as well as your
business brand and also just going into why content is important and how much
you need on your site bonus number two is called modern affiliate marketing so
affiliate marketing is something you should definitely include if you do have
a blog and you are producing content on that blog so this product is gonna
basically help you monetize your blog so some topics covered is how to pick
niches with high ROI is crucial factors you need to look for when you are
choosing a niche to create a blog around it’s gonna go into direct traffic it’s
gonna go into SEO and using backlinks it’s gonna go into social media forums
question-answer platforms and also third-party blog traffic so Wordvantage
helps you boost SEO to your site which is great but you can’t rely on SEO
I always think it’s better to play offense than just pure defense that
means going out and getting your traffic there’s a saying
that says offense wins games but a good defense wins championships
so the SEO is super important but you also need to attack that market
stimulate that market a little bit that’s so you actually can control your
viewership in some ways and you’re actually proactively getting people to
find you so that everything grows a lot quicker bonus number three is called
boost your website traffic how to increase traffic to your website using
free and paid methods so in this product you’re going to learn about the
importance of high quality content SEO and web analytics it will tell you how
to utilize social media networks it goes into forums and guest blogging as well
email marketing campaigns and various paid advertising options that you can do
so again another product that’s going to teach you how to properly play offense
on getting people to visit your content so you’ve got your offensive playing
where you’re going out and trying to stimulate the audience and then you have
your SEO which is gradually building up your content over time bonus number four
is called social traffic rush so that builds on the last bonus which is going
to tell you how to get traffic from different places and this is going to
Zone in on social traffic so things you can expect in here is how to use
Facebook to drive traffic highly targeted traffic how to use Twitter how
to go viral on Twitter how to do proper video marketing on YouTube how to use
Instagram also how to use reddit which is very underutilized how to use
Pinterest which is that platform I’ve talked about this week it’s a real buyer
intent market on Pinterest that you should really be going after and dipping
your toes in and also marketing on places like Korra SlideShare and
LinkedIn which are also always growing now bonus number five is called email
marketing success so when I included this product I was thinking okay you’ve
got Wordvantage your SEO is sorted your content is going to grow over time
you’ve also got the four other bonus so they’re going to help you play a bit
of offense properly actively proactively get people to your content and then this
bonus is like okay you also need to capture that audience whether they’re
visiting your site and content through SEO or through social media channels or
wherever you need to know how to capture that audience and the best way to do
that is email marketing they say the money’s in the list right so when you do
get that audience it’s important to know how to deal with that audience how to
market to that audience via email this product is going to help you build an
email list and how to market effectively to that list so with all those bonuses
together you’re getting like a lot of value a huge package I’m just building a
blog in however many ways you can think of really so if that sounds good to you
it’s that one go through the link in the description you’ll come through to this
bonus page click on any of these green buttons those bonuses will be locked in
you’ll be launched off to the word Vantage sales page which looks like this
I recommend you check out the sales page in-depth see what it’s all about and
that will help you make an informed decision over whether it’s right for you
if you do purchase you will receive a digital receipt and that will look like
this because it’s a jvzoo product or you can go to jvzoo.com and access your
account under this green button will be your Wordvantage plugin etc and under
this blue button will be all the bonuses that I just talked about so you’re
getting one big bundle all sent to you at the same time so those are all the
bonuses that you’re able to get right now we’re going to get into an in-depth
walk-through demo of a word advantage so you can see exactly how it works what to
expect let’s check it out and without further ado let’s get started every time
you try to create a page or post inside your website you will be prompted with a
new set of inputs right here below the text editor here you can optimize the
title description and keywords that are relevant to your post or page as soon as
you fill this in with the relevant keywords that you want to rank for the
software will instantly put into play a powerful algorithm that will
by a list of items here on the right at the end here you will be given an SEO
score based on how well your content is currently optimized complete these items
in its entirety in order to achieve the maximum SEO benefits this way you will
never again overlook any of the important SEO factors that can make or
break the success of your website one more thing just with the click of a
button word Vantage suggests dozens of LSI keywords which you can introduce
into your content to show Google that your post is much more relevant than
other post also LSI keywords can dramatically improve your rankings
traffic and of course sales word Vantage literally forces you to optimize your
website and makes your website ranking Google instantly let’s look at an
example so what you want to do is either start writing your article or copy and
paste in some content that you already have but first let’s fill in the title
description and keywords in the input fields below the text editor now add
your content as well as your title and click publish now you should see your
current SEO score the bottom here and if you just scroll up you’ll see that we
should first take care of our missing h1 header field so let’s highlight this and choose the
h1 heading then add a little boldness and that should be done next we’ll do the same for the h2
heading as well as the same for the keyword phrase in bold so we’ll scroll
up and highlight this but then we’ll choose the h2 heading this time and then
once again add a little boldness we also do the same for the other h2 areas
further below in the post please take the time to enter a full description
title and keywords within the WordPress text editor and tags fields as well as
in the word Vantage input fields below the text editor as this will affect your
SEO score negatively if the fields are incomplete next click update and let’s
check the score okay so we need a video so we will just head over to youtube and
find a video about email marketing next we need an image so we will just
head over to pixabay.com and grab an image to enhance our post pixabay.com
grants commercial usage of their images so we can use the images freely in our
post without any worries of copyright infringement once you’ve downloaded the image you
want then you’ll upload it and embed it into the post word vantage warns you when your keyword
density is too high when it reaches 2.0 or higher but as a rule of thumb you
will always want to keep your keyword density below 1.0 if your article or
page is less than 1000 words for the very best quality articles and pages
let’s find some LSI keywords that we can use as replacements to lower the keyword
density keep in mind that this will also allow us to get more traffic to our post
or pages because these are super valuable low competition keywords were
going to be using in fact you’ll most likely start to rank for the LSI
keywords first which will actually send more signals to the search engines
further strengthening your main keyword word Vantage is really all you need so
right now we are going to replace a few of our main keywords with the LSI
keywords and then we’ll check our score once more now we have an SEO score of 80 and we
just have to add some alt text to the image we added to our post and last but not least we will add an
internal link to another post on our website there you have it fully SEO optimized in
literally just a few minutes guys it’s super easy to get all of the
traffic you could ever want but make no mistake word Vantage is not some magic
push-button software or loophole that won’t work two weeks from now but if you
just put out good content and let word vantage do the rest we know you’ll love
your results and if you purchase word Vantage today you’ll get the word
Vantage bonus video training gone by Morpheus himself where he’ll be showing
you three of the fastest ways to get free traffic with word Vantage you don’t
want to miss it so I hope you enjoyed that demo I hope you’re excited to get
your hands on word Vantage just quickly before we close out this video let’s
have a look at the pricing real basic it’s one price no upsells no one-time
offers it’s just a 14 dollar product and you get these four elements here that
you see on the screen the one-click SEO optimization seo post scoring
done-for-you keyword research and longtail keyword analysis it’s all there
for you one plug-in the beauties in its simplicity as well as this you’re going
to get those five bonus products as well altogether just a ton of value it also
comes with a money-back guarantee so I really do encourage you to check this
out risk-free if you are struggling with your SEO during content creation if you
do have any questions or concerns feel free to hit me up on social media email
drop it in the comments as well that will help other people out who have
similar questions otherwise enjoy where advantage hope you love the bonuses that
I’ve gotten for you and I’ll see you again on the next video so that

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