Yeon Seo x Dan ● Their Journey ▷ Angel’s Last Mission [FINALE]
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Yeon Seo x Dan ● Their Journey ▷ Angel’s Last Mission [FINALE]

Please, save me. Good morning. Come back home safely. I’ll be back. Goodbye. Dan. I really can’t do anything about human life. Who are you? Humans can’t see us, right? What’s my mission? Love. I asked Him to take one of my limbs instead of my eyes. That way, I could have been a dancer. He ignored me when I desperately prayed. That’s what the deity, your superstar, did to me. You foolish one. Thank the one who gave you talent.” Not everyone behaves like you after they experience tragedy.” I took you in because I felt bad… that you were left all alone in this world. Are you all done? You regret things. Are you going to regret this again.. when everyone is gone like your parents and Mr. Jo? What if that was the last time? What if you can turn back the time, you foolish gong! Stop it. Who sent you? From the above. Lee Yeon Seo! Trust me. I’m different. (Trust me. I’m different). I mean it. I hope you can believe what I said. I hope you can feel more grateful… for someone who is more affectionate to you. Do you like me? No. It’s not okay for you… No way. …not to like me. I hate it. What are you so afraid of? My feelings… your feelings… I’ve heard you! You’ve said you liked me. How can I not like you? Can’t you… …stay by my side?” Wait for me. If you’ll give just a little more time… I will set everything right. Promise me. I love you. I love you… …Yeon Seo. What’s wrong? Did you cry? Kim Dan… …will disappear. Because he fell in love with you. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you, too. I came looking for something. The thing is..I’ve prayed. Because I wanted to know the reason. “Be careful!” I have found out what it was… but now my heart aches so much.” What’s that supposed to mean? Why…do you have this? I gave this as a present to Seon Woo. It’s me. What are you talking about? The kid that you met on Yeonhwa Island. I’m Yoo Seong Woo. That kid… died It wasn’t your fault. How does my dance can move peoples hearts… he was the one who taught me that. She was already supposed to die. That was her destiny. How is that possible? It was fate… that brought us back together again. Her destiny was to be killed by the wicked. Some people are born that way. Yeon Seo is destined to die? No! I definitely won’t accept this fate! To save me… that why you tried to kill Ru Na? Just to save me you would have planned to kill a human and to disappear right away? Did you thought that I would be touched? I’m not grateful at all! How can I live if you are gone? How was I supposed to stand by and do nothing? When I knew I can save you? When I knew you won’t dissipate?” He is standing right there. Dan! What’s over there? There isn’t anyone there! I loved you. I am loving you. I will keep on loving you. Dan… Dan… …come out! …come out. Can you..see me? How is this possible? I knew…you would come.


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