Yoast Academy: SEO for beginners – free online course!
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Yoast Academy: SEO for beginners – free online course!

At Yoast, we strongly believe in our motto:
“SEO for everyone”. And to ensure everyone has access
to basic SEO knowledge, we’ve created a free online course. Yoast Academy presents:
SEO for beginners! This online course takes you by the hand
through the basics of SEO. You’ll learn about how Google works, so you know what you’re doing
when you’re practicing SEO. If your goal is to rank higher
in Google’s search results or even outrank your competition, this course is for you! All aspects of SEO are handled. You’ll learn a lot that’ll help you
get the basics of a website right. These things are important
for search engines, but also for providing
a great user experience. You’ll learn to choose the keywords
you want your site to rank for, and how to design
a great site structure. SEO isn’t just for when
you’re starting a website. As you might know,
SEO is an ongoing matter. So there’s a lot more
you’ll learn in this course. We’ll show you
what an SEO-friendly blog post looks like, how Google makes
those fancy-looking “rich” results and of course:
how to get those for your own site. We also discuss
how the Yoast SEO plugin can help you with some of your most important
SEO efforts, and how it can even do
some basic technical SEO work for you. We’d like you to know that we’ve spent
as much time and effort on this course as we’ve done
on all the courses in Yoast Academy. We really want SEO for everyone. So here it is,
a great course free of charge. Sounds like a no-brainer! Are you ready
to start climbing the rankings and learning through videos,
reading materials and quizzes? The SEO for beginners course
is an elaborate online course that you can take at your own pace
and from your own home. Why not get started today!


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