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Yoast Premium SEO analysis

Google reads and understand texts. It understands context. Imagine you want your text
to rank for the term ‘Dancing shoes’. But you don’t want to repeat yourself
too much. So, you’d also want use a singular form
like ‘dancing shoe’. Or mix things up a little
and say “shoes for dancing”. You might even want to enrich your text
with a synonym of dancing shoes: perhaps ‘ballet shoes’ . Your text may also cover
some related concepts, such as ballet school,
or dancing class, or a tutu. Google recognizes word forms
such as singulars, plurals, comparatives, or past-tense variants
of the same word. This functionality is now also available
in the new Yoast Premium SEO analysis. The plugin will automatically detect
different forms of your focus keyphrase. Even more, it will also detect the keyphrase
if you use it in a different word order. Next to that, we’ll allow you
to add synonyms and on top of that offer to optimize
your post for related keywords.


  • bestonlineresults

    Turn on Closed Captioning for this video. Otherwise, you will miss some of the info provided in the voice over due to the background noise, chomping, and music.

  • Peach Perfect Weddings

    In the video the guys said "automatically detect different forms of your focus keyphrase". I believe this is not correct. I believe it is just plurals at the moment.
    Can you please confirm, if it is ONLY the plural forms that Yoast recognizes AUTOMATICALLY, or some others too, and if yes, which specifically?
    Because what I tested in Yoast 9.0, it is just the plurals. To make Yoast consider all other forms in it's analysis, you have to manually put them as Synonyms.
    I mean if Yoast can do it …wow, good job guys, honestly. Because human language is messy. Yoast is a great tool, but we need to know it's limitations and not trust blindly, that it understand that "get married in Italy" is more or less the same as "getting married in Italy". It does not.

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