Yoast SEO Premium: redirect manager
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Yoast SEO Premium: redirect manager

Hey. When you’re maintaining a site,
you’re bound to have to delete pages or change URLs or change category URLs.
At some point this can lead to worse health for your site from an SEO
perspective. This is something that you can mitigate but there’s nothing built
into WordPress core to do this. So what Yoast SEO Premium and the redirects module
within it does when you delete a post. It will actually give you a notice saying
hey you’ve deleted this post should we redirect that URL somewhere? Or when you
change the slug of a category, it’ll ask you hey you’ve changed the slug of this
category should we redirect that old slug to the new slug? So that the new
category URL actually receives all the traffic that the old category URL
already received as well. This might seem very simple but in the
underlying code it’s actually a ton of work to get all of that to work in
WordPress, because it was not built into WordPress by default. This feature of
Yoast SEO Premium is not about optimizing your site as much as it is
about keeping your site SEO healthy. It’s about making sure that you don’t make
any mistakes that can lead to you losing rankings. So I think personally that this
feature in itself is worth all the money that we ask for Yoast SEO because it’s not
all that much. I hope you agree. If not there are a couple of more features that
you’d have to look at. Good luck!


  • Complete Guide to Natural Healing

    Two years ago I changed or one of my tech guys changed my permalinks. Worst mistake ever. I would love to see if you guys can add a bulk 404 redirect. The other one just takes too long when you have a lot to do. After two years I'm still getting 404's to my old permalinks. Bulk 404 redirects would be an amazing option to add to Yoast.

  • BJ Kirkpatrick

    My website has an event calendar and old events are deleted automatically after a specified time. How should past events be handled for best SEO practices.

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