You Can Use this Airbnb Marketing Pro Tip Starting NOW Increase SEO and Clicks on Your Profile
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You Can Use this Airbnb Marketing Pro Tip Starting NOW Increase SEO and Clicks on Your Profile

welcome back Airbnb family so today
I’m teaching you my marketing pro tip that I freshly discovered and I’m gonna
give it to you right away this is going to be how to set up your
Airbnb profile to pop more than other persons when they’re scrolling through
their being the platforms we’re gonna teach you how to pizzazz your titles and
descriptions using symbols and yes I just figured this out and a lot of you
don’t know this some of you do let’s jump right into it so I’m going to do a
screencast and show you me fixing up one of our listings so first things first is
you’re gonna notice that it says 5411 on the side of our title that 5411 is our
internal name if you want to be able to have access to internal names lyft have
more than five active properties on the Airbnb platform okay
so King bet home a perfect five-star stay we’re gonna go to a website called
copy paste character comm forward slash symbols we’re gonna select symbols cuz
they’ve got like a curation like of our favorites and otherwise you’re gonna use
forward slash symbols and you’re gonna save the whatever symbol you want to use
in this case we’re using this outlined star and then we’re gonna be using a
check mark so like again internal name only shows up if you have five or more
properties but go inside your title and copy and paste the icon that you want to
put in there and we’re using these stars with the black outline like I said of
course it has to be less than 50 characters so I’m gonna do a little bit
of Shaving here I’m also gonna go through and copy my check mark that I
want to use there’s of course other icons but only some of them are
applicable I don’t think you want to use a biohazard icon on your listing unless
you’re trying to be Punk and edgy or something so we’re gonna shorten this
out by removing a couple things that are no longer necessary because the symbols
of course separate some of the sentences or some of the statements so you’re good
there now I’m gonna go into the summary on em use a checkmark next to all of the
things that I think people should know and yes if you do enter twice and create
a paragraph space it will show up in the final version of your profile when you
go to like look at it when you’re editing after you save it it won’t show
that you hit the enter button twice so it may not look like it works but when
you go to preview which will show you later
it will create this paragraph separate so what I’m doing is I’m putting up a
check mark next to the Wi-Fi next to the gym next to the pool next to parking
washer/dryer I’m gonna move up the TV section also I’m gonna move that up so
it’s part of that same run of checklists what I’m basically doing is drawing the
readers attention to the amenities that I have see people may not be searching
for certain amenities but they would be totally excited if you had them right so
when people search they may not be looking for a pool or a hot tub or a
king-size bed but you can do is you can mark it all here put check marks there
and say yes this has check king-size bed check free Wi-Fi check free parking and
they’re like oh cool it has this stuff I didn’t know I wanted it since I want it
and you have it a book makes sense so this check marks drive the eye to the
extras that you’re providing them so let me give you kind of little bonus run
here like I said if you notice I’m when we when we hit the enter button or when
we look at the Edit it doesn’t show the the double enter that we did to create
the paragraph space when it when it’s kind of like in your regular internal
platform but we’re about to go preview this property here and when we preview
the property you will see it okay preview mode here we go so if you notice
these two stars on the outside of the king bed home looks great doesn’t it a
perfect five-star long-term stay that long term state section has been really
good for us week three of our five new listings in Richardson immediately had
long term terms days we’ve got one that’s like a four month long stay
booked already within just a you know the first week or two so here’s some
photos I’m gonna let this run through and you can see what photos we’re using
for the platform this is just something that goes without saying you want your
photos to be well lit well composed I am using the same camera for these photos
that I’m of course recording with right now so invest in something that records
good photos I mean you can use your iPhone we do have plenty of our pictures
on our platform that are shot with an iPhone but you have to be much more
careful with your lighting because you want to have much better lighting bounds
because your phone’s not going to like respond as in
intelligent ly to high contrast environments and stuff like that so you
know if you go on there’s a LinkedIn learning section if you pay for
a LinkedIn membership you can access for not much more the LinkedIn learning
session and they teach you how to do photography and stuff like that also
stated I put my amenities photos at the end of this reel so basically all of the
shots of the apartment are first and then I’m like oh hey bonus look at
everything that the building comes with a pool and all this extra stuff the more
photos the better the more high-quality the photos the better of course because
it’s all about listing appeal so I hope this marketing tip symbols icons check
marks that is gonna help push you a little bit if you get slightly better
conversion because people see the icons and you’re suddenly like a little bit
more catchy extra clicks means extra views which means better SEO presence
right these things matter because they have a snowball effect so even a slight
increase in performance on click-through is good for you and if you get slightly
more bookings another fun fact that I wasn’t gonna tell you in this video but
I can’t shut up is that you need to keep your calendar full because keeping your
calendar full is also part of Airbnb is SEO if you’re almost always booked they
assume that you’re one of the better properties and they push you more to
fill up the last few dates that you have left so stay booked no matter what even
you have to fire sell off your your certain dates occupancy percentage
matters so thanks for watching Airbnb automated if you’d like other tips hacks
things like that of course you know where to come but leave them in the
comments so I know maybe what next video to do for you right oh and by the way it
looks like the vote on whether or not we’re going to talk about cleaning or
whether we’re gonna talk about pricing strategy pricing strategy won by a
landslide so stay tuned I’m gonna be doing an in-depth video on pricing
strategy for our portfolio of over 45 properties and how I manage my pricing
strategy for my $100,000 plus per month Airbnb business so thanks again I’ll see
you on the other side so I forgot to tell you something super important I
want these videos to be shorter but Airbnb or YouTube has this algorithm
that means that the videos have to perform well for everybody to see
but I’d like to make you shorter videos to save you time right so if you guys
want to see all my videos without me having to make an 8 or 10 minute long
video just so it performs and then it could share with you it’s a bottom over
here to see the subscribe button you’ve probably already clicked the subscribe
button right if you haven’t do it now but next to it is this Bell button this
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way you don’t have to wait for a video to just be seen 6 minutes on average
before it comes to you and you don’t have to sit through a minute of me
making a video about coffee if you don’t want to right sorry fanny but this will
save you time and it allow me to be more concise and you’ll see all the videos so
click that bell okay thank you bye you


  • Dejan Davidovich

    Yet again you are providing value.
    Could you do a Video on the pros and cons of having our own Landing Page type website for growing our AirBB business?

  • hunwarrior

    Thank you for the informative video, already clicked the bell. 🙂
    One question though, why would you write all the amenities in that box when they are listed anyway?

  • Frank Jakes

    Just a heads up on this trick. I tried this a few months ago and put these characters ><+++(º> in my heading. Yes, it a cute little bonefish. After a few days, Airbnb removed it. I hope Sean's trick has better success.

  • progoldandsilver

    Whats the most expensive rent you pay for your air bnb rentals, approximately how much average do you spend in furnishing your units? I know youve mentioned it before in other videos but Im not sure which one. Great video, thanks for the info you put out.👍🏼👌🏼

  • lannagifts1

    Great tip, thanks. Photos… put your toilet seat down, lol, glad even you can make a mistake.
    Rice Barn and Rooms Chiang Mai Thailand.

  • Renée Oaks

    I just tried to do it through my phone and it said character not supported. I’ll try doing through my computer to see if it works…

    Update. On the phone this works only in the description areas. Laptop it worked as detailed. Thanks! Hopefully this get me more bookings ✓

  • Alicja Tenentka

    Thx for that great video. I have allready 4 apartments on AirBnb and on 3 of them are mine and one of these apartments is under my management. I´ve realised that the bookings trought AirBnb are going back, since I´ve put the apartments on too. My Apartment Management Tool tells me, that nearly 80% of the bookings are coming trought now. Do you use only AirBnb?

  • Ryan Finchum

    You glossed over the long term stay bit.. Can you go into more detail on this and how you captured some long term stays, How much of a discount you offer for them, and how best to manage them since you aren't necessarily cleaning them regularly..

  • Destiny Winters

    Hey! Is there a way to find out if my city is good for a long term stay listing? I’d like to try it out, but not too sure about Atlanta. We are booked every night with 1-2 night stays, because we’re so close to the airport. I’m nervous to try keeping my calendar open for long term stays right now. But am open to it if I have any leading information.

  • Claudine Pender

    Thank you!!! I had subscribed, but now clicked on the bell!!!
    Great content, I am going to add symbols to my listings right now

  • Maxim Pa

    Straight from Airbnb article:

    The following are violations specific to the type of the content on Airbnb:
    Listing Titles

    Listing titles that do not serve the purpose of providing information relevant to the listing type, style, or experience
    Listing titles that include symbols or emojis

    Hope that helps!

  • Jason Wike

    I really like your videos and have committed myself to watching 2 per day to improve my business. To my knowledge AirBNB does not allow symbols or Emoji’s in the listing titles. I found the rule somewhere.

    I also am trying to find your video on pricing strategy as far as discounts from the base rate.

    Thank you

  • Hal Elarbee

    I'm probably doing something wrong but I am looking for one central location to find all of Automated's content like a web site that has all the links to the videos and more about what Automated does. You Tube has other videos mixed in with the Automated videos. Yes I subscribed. But I can't seem to find the link to exclusive Automated content.
    Embarrassing note: I had to search you tube to find where the "leave a comment" was? Why would you (you tube) put all the way down at the bottom?!!!

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