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YouTube Channel Analysis

Hi, I’m Matthias from tubics. I’ll give
you a quick overview on our YouTube SEO analysis. What’s included, how you can
read it and what you can do with it for your own video and YouTube channel.
I’ll explain it to you with a YouTube channel you probably know: the PewDiePie channel. I’ve just entered the PewDiePie YouTube channel URL and this is what I got! First of all you can see the main key
performance indicators: when the channel was created, how many videos are
there, how many subscribers, how many views… And then you see the overall score.
The overall tubics score of the channel. What you can reach… The maximum you can reach is 100 points. How do we count that? Actually we are looking at 15
YouTube ranking factors and we have a look at how your channel is set up
according to these ranking factors. First of all we look at the technical setup of the channel itself. That means if there is a channel description and how
how much text is included in there. If you have set channel tags… Most channels
don’t… If with regard to graphic design if you have a custom channel icon. If you have
custom channel art and if this channel art is a high resolution image. What else
is important? YouTube says that YouTube is about giving and taking. But also
giving! What does that mean? That you also should present
and link to other channels that are important for your users.
YouTube considers itself as a social media platform so don’t just take views
from others but also link to other channels. And we check how you do that or
if you are doing that. What else are we looking for or do we look
at? Video descriptions! So we look at the videos you have publicly
available. And we have a look at whether there are descriptions inserted.
This is one topic where PewDiePie really could a little bit improve. So
there are some video descriptions left blank – there’s no text in there. We
also have a look at the links so it’s good that if you have a YouTube video
that you link to related content either on your website or to other videos and
so on. We have look at the video tags if you entered tags to all your videos and
also we look at accessibility what does that mean that means first of all if you
have entered closed captions or subtitles. Subtitles are a very important
ranking factor because not only people read this but it also helps YouTube to
have a look what your video is all about. Another ranking factor is the quality of
your video with regard to resolution. So if you have an HD video or some older
videos might still be in lower resolution. And at last we look at the
response of your audience. How your videos trigger
subscribers, how many people like your videos, how many people comment on your
videos. And also to yourself if you upload regularly. And these ranking
factors are counted together and end up in this overall score you can see at the
top. PewDiePie scores more than 88 percent. What else is important? What you can see
here is a small arrow and each and every optimization tweak so to say is ranked
with regard to how difficult is it to improve this. So if you only have one
sign that’s pretty easy to do – so it only lasts 10 minutes. If you have three
signs here that’s rather difficult. For instance you’ve got to write texts. That’s rather a bigger task to do. But we also look at how much this can lift your
views so if you have three arrows this could lift your views really a lot. So
that’s it! Feel free to to create your own YouTube
SEO analysis and give us feedback on what you’re missing! I’m looking forward
to your requests πŸ™‚ Please also feedback us in the comments! What you’re missing and what you like and please also follow us on our YouTube channel πŸ™‚

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