YouTube keyword tool replacement
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YouTube keyword tool replacement

OK lets start first log in to your adwords
account and navigate tools and display planner here next to keyword planner so lets see how
its looks like at the first glance and it looks kind of the same with less feature but
let do it ok so enter your first keyword whatever comes to your mind it does not matter what
i will be using youtube keyword tool and lets go to get get group ideas and here
is the first important part of this new tool unlike the keyword planner it shows you weekly
data and t kind of impressive because you see its like 10 billion impressions for just
this keyword and it is accurate so lets see we get some more impressions here and they
are not helpful it is not helpful sorry because they are not relevant to video creators do
lets go to individual targeting ideas and see here millions and billions as well this
data is inaccurate you need to filter it first so lets do it first go to filters click none
and choose video only you can eliminate those as well bet they will just come back every
time you open this window so lets go here and see our new results after they were filtered
out as you see i use united states and English so we got 5 million impressions much better
than billions data is more accurate and as you see the details below are are even more
accurate somletst ust look at one of those and see how powerful the new tool is much
more powerful than the old one SEO keyword tool is my first result and as you see you
got 15 thousands impressions and here comes the bomb really it just amazing see the demographics
of this thing first of all is said 35 to 44 age group so 49% of the searches are withing
their 40s so that already amazing and the gender is 70 percent female this is a search
for Seo keyword too specifically so this is kind of amazing stuff and device they use
is 70 percent of them is tablet so you were intending to create a video for the guys searching
for SEO and those guys are in their 30s using laptops actually this is mostly women in their
40s using tablets so its kinda changes the whole thing than you are going to write so
this is kind of helpful and i hope you like it you can login to and see my
article this is just procedure so you would not forget and of course there is a sample
file of what you can download from this tool just for your analyze you don’n need to look
aty this stuff graphically because it doesn’t not help your search when you search for bulk
of keywords so just go there and check it out if think that i missed something or you
have a question just use the comment section here or on my website i will do my best to
answer every question thanks for watching!


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