YOUTUBE SEO BASICS: How to grow on youtube with search in 2020

In this video, I’ll be going over YouTube
SEO basics and by the end of it, you will be able to rank your videos in YouTube
search! Just by the way if you guys stick around to the end of the video I’m going to
be giving you a secret tip to help you rank in YouTube search. Firstly, what is
SEO actually? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the
practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website
,through organic search results. So we want to attract viewers to our videos
that are genuinely interested in the topic that we are talking about and we
obviously want to attract as many as possible.
The first way that we do this is to focus on a specific niche or topic. You
want to become an expert in that niche. You want to be the go-to person on
YouTube for this topic. Let’s say that you want to make a YouTube channel about
“cats”. It’s going to take you ages to grow because there are just so many cat
videos on YouTube. So maybe we just stay away from the cat videos, or what we can
do instead is make videos about “organic cat food” or “training cats” or even more
specific “how to train a Siamese cat”. YouTube will slowly start to learn that
the videos that you’re uploading are all related to that niche and the people
that are searching in that niche, are clicking on your videos a lot more and
if your videos are good, then YouTube will start to promote your videos even
more! So stick to one specific niche and become an expert in that. Next we have a
very important part to ranking in YouTube search and that’s Keywords,
Keywords, Keywords. Keywords help to tell YouTube what your video is really about
and then YouTube can put it in the appropriate search results. One way to find keywords
is to just type them in the YouTube search bar at the top and see what
options they give you. If you want to have more random options, just put a “*”
before your search term. A faster and easier way to do keyword research is to
install an app called TubeBuddy! You can find a link for that down in
the description below. TubeBuddy helps you to do keyword research
by giving you the search volume of the keyword, competition of the keyword, and
optimization strength of the keyword. As well as an overall score as to if you
should use it or not. Once you have your keywords sorted,
you’re going to want to put them in a number of places like your title, your
description, your tags and you’re going to want to say them in your video. If you
guys want me to go a bit more in-depth on keywords, then just comment down below
and I’ll make a separate video for that! This one you can’t really control but
you can definitely help it along, and it’s YouTube Trust. Now YouTube Trust is
exactly what it sounds like, it’s how much YouTube trusts you as a creator.
There are ways that you can help build your trust with YouTube but first and
foremost, it’s about creating good and engaging content because that’ll make
people watch your videos for longer, which means that they stay on YouTube
for longer, but we will talk about that a bit later on. Another way is to have a
consistent upload schedule, just think about it who is YouTube going to promote
more. A channel that uploads maybe once or twice a month at random times, or a channel that uploads Tuesdays and Fridays, every week of every month. I
think that’s pretty obvious who YouTube’s going to want to pick to show to
their audience. Just remember that when you’re growing on YouTube every little
bit helps, so you need to take every little bit seriously. If you’ve gotten
this far in my video, why don’t you go down there and hit the subscribe button and
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Thursday and Sunday, but let’s get back to the video. This is also a big factor
when it comes to ranking your videos in YouTube search and that is engagement.
Like I mentioned with the trust score, YouTube is gonna look at how people are
engaging with your content. If they’re liking your videos, subscribing to your
channel while watching your videos, how long they’re watching your video’s for and where they go after they’re done watching your video. All of this counts
and this is how YouTube actually determines if people are enjoying your
content. One way to increase your engagement is to actually ask your
viewers to like and subscribe. Physically ask them to do it, don’t just
expect them to now do it by themselves. Just a side tip, you can actually like
and watch your own video the whole way through so why not do that! Be your
number one best fan, number one fan, be your number one fan. Also try to start a
discussion in the comments, so you can go down there, type a question out
and pin it to the top, so that’s what everybody sees and then they add to that,
they reply to it and make sure you reply to every single comment because
essentially you can double the amount of comments on your video. At the end of the
day you want to build a community around your YouTube channel. You want
viewers that genuinely love and engage with your content and look forward to it
every week. Okay, now for the secret bonus tip that’s going to help you rank in
YouTube search and it’s called Transcribing. Everything you say in your
video gets put into text and can be displayed at the bottom of your video.
This is done automatically by YouTube themselves, but sometimes they do make a
few mistakes. So what you’re going to want to do is to go into one of your
YouTube videos and add a transcription. Then just edit the one that YouTube has
already made for you, you’re just going to go through it line by line
and correct anything if it is wrong. Now what this does is it gives YouTube and
Google a little bit more information about what your video is exactly about,
so if someone searches for that and you’ve transcribed it in your video,
you’re way more likely to get put in the search results. If there’s anything you
take away from this video please let it be these two things. Always keep trying
to improve, which you are doing because you’re watching this video, and also to
have patience. You never know when one of your videos is going to get recommended
by YouTube, it literally could be your next one. So keep learning, don’t give up
and enjoy it! Remember to please like this video if it helped you, hit the
subscribe button and the bell to be notified when I upload again and I’ll
see you in the next one!

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