YouTube SEO Tips: 4 Backlinks For Ranking Videos Fast (Tutorial)
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YouTube SEO Tips: 4 Backlinks For Ranking Videos Fast (Tutorial)

in this video I’m gonna give you 4
powerful YouTube SEO tips in particular I’m gonna show you how to create 4
backlinks which will help you with ranking your YouTube videos fast then
Martin here aka the king of email and welcome to my youtube channel profits
and paradise now if you didn’t do so already make sure you hit the subscribe
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about the content of this video so one important ranking factor a lot of people
don’t realize when it comes to ranking your videos quickly is that google loves
Google in other words anytime you get an opportunity to use a Google property to
create a backlink Google is going to favor that property because obviously it
was created by Google so what I’m going to show you how to do over on the
computer in a moment is use four of Google’s own properties to create quick
and easy backlinks to your videos which are going to help them get indexed and
write faster and higher quickly so with that being said let’s go over to the
computer and I’m going to show you how you can knock this out in 15 minutes or
less I’ll see you over there okay so I’m going to show you some cool
ways right now of creating easy and powerful backlinks using Google
properties so obviously you want to make sure that you are like logged in to your
YouTube accounts and that you’re over on Google and basically we’re assuming here
you’re at the point of where you’ve uploaded a video and you’re ready to
start doing some backlink in and indexing and all of that good stuff we
need to do to make our videos ranked and by the way before I do move into this at
the end of this video I’m going to share something with you that I found recently
that save me so much time money and headaches when it comes to doing battle
linking and bookmarking and and bedding my videos to help with ranking I think
it’s gonna blow your mind but first I want to show you just for the ways I use
these Google prophecies so when you’re over on Google you want to find this
little google apps icon here you want to click on it you want to go over to
Google Drive so we’re just gonna wait for Google Drive to load up do apologize
if this is going a little bit slow but my internet over in the Caribbean
here isn’t the best at times and for whatever reason tonight it’s been a real
pain in the ass so what we’re going to do is in a second this is going to load
up and we’re gonna actually create a new Google document so I’m gonna click on
I’m gonna click on new and then I’m gonna go to Google Docs and we’re gonna
be creating these backlinks with these Google properties we’re gonna use Google
Docs Google slides and we’re also going to use Google Forms and Google drawings
and you could also use Google Sites if you wanted to too but I just want to
show you a handful so click on Google Docs
and while the Google document is uploading I’m gonna go over to YouTube
and basically you want to copy the title of your YouTube video and we’re gonna go
back over to the Google Doc I’m just going to let that document load up and
where it says on time we’re going to paste our YouTube video title in into
that box I’m gonna make sure that’s saved and then we’re gonna go over to
our YouTube video and we’re going to copy and paste our description and a
copy it’s paste our description over here dropping it in there and basically
all we want to do then is go back over to YouTube there’s a watch link at the
top you can’t see it on my screen right now but there is a watch link in the URL
bar when you go to YouTube you’re gonna copy the URL the watch link and I just
like I like to hyperlink my watch link inside of this document and press apply
and then what you would do from here is you would click on file and you would
click on publish to the web now in fact I’m just gonna do this as an example I
don’t really want to publish to the this to the web right now myself
because I already created this exact document for this video before but I
need to show you so let me just do it anyway
I’m going to click publish to the web and then what happens is it says this
you have sometimes it will say you know you need to make this visible to
people live if you have that option just make sure you make sure other people can
see it make sure you don’t say I’m get a message they’re saying nobody else can
see this but we can see here that I’ve not got that message so I’m going to
click publish and then it will ask you are you sure
you want to publish and I’m gonna click OK and then basically I just created a
backlink using a Google property I created a backlink and I’ve got this
link now which I can go and ping and index so you will see as well if I close
this and I go back over to my drive and I refresh that I just I just created
this document here and now if I wanted to I’m gonna show you how to do this as
an example I’m gonna go to ping farm calm it’s literally not now I’m not
going to get into what pinging and indexing is I’m sure if you’re watching
this and you do SEO you understand what pinging and indexing is but basically
I’m gonna put the link to that doc in there and then I would drop my keywords
in here so in this case I would get the I get the tags for my video on and it’s
just copy the tags for my video and in here I drop all the tags of my video and
make sure everything he was selected and then I would click mass ping and then
that would ping that link now also with this same link that the document created
if i go to google again i’m just going to show you one more example of how to
create a bat link after I do this but if I go to google again and I type in
Google indexer and I go to Google search console again Google has its own
indexing may or may not have known that but I
like to use it because google loves google if you forget everything else on
this video remember that google loves google when it comes to bat linking and
indexing the more you can use Google’s tools and properties the more Google’s
going to favor you so I’m going to take the link to the document we created I’m
going to paste it in there I’m going to click on not a roblox and if I wanted to
I’d go through the whole capture and then I’d click Submit request and then
my link would be indexed with Google’s own index or two but what I’m gonna do
now is I’m going to click on new again and let’s say so now you now you’ve
created a backlink on Google Docs let’s say you want you to create a bat link
with Google drawings because remember I said there’s Doc’s
there’s forms there’s drawings in Google Sites in this video unfortunately
because of time I only have time to show you how to do one more if you want to
below if you’d like me to do another video where I’ll show you how to use
Google Forms and Google Sites let me know I’m happy to cut another video but
it’s pretty self-explanatory when you go over there but let’s say you wanted to
create a bat link now using Google drawings I would click on Google
drawings and it’s just gonna take a moment to load up hopefully not too long
and what you gonna do again is you’re gonna get the you basically gonna get
the keywords that you’re trying to rank for so in this case social media
marketing tips for small business is my keywords so I’m gonna click in this box
here I’m on my keyword is social media marketing tips for small business I’m
gonna hit enter what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click on insert and then I’m going
to click on image and upload from computer and I’m just gonna it could be
this is this is kind of like I I will use a full
net now so so let’s use let’s use this particular phone now and it doesn’t
really matter about resizing it I’m just a little bit OCD so I do resize it you
may be you’re thinking BAM what what’s going on the how do you
create a but link here well this is how you create a but link here you go back
over to your YouTube video you click on share
you grab the share link here you copy it and then you go back over to Google
drawings you click on the draw in and you click this link here insert link and
down at the bottom of the screen you can see you can paste your YouTube share
link and then click apply so you just link your video your YouTube
video to this draw in here and then just like in the first place you would click
on publish to the web and when you click on publish to the web it would give you
a link to this drawing which you would then take back over to ping farm and the
Google index and index a swing pretty pretty cool stuff right pretty pretty
ninja stuff and basically this is the same this is the same process you would
do you could create a battling with Google Docs you can do with Google
slides you can do with Google Forms Google drawings and Google Sites I
pretty much use all of those to create these backlinks and sometimes I
drip-feed them so I’ll do one or two a day
and what I’ll do is let’s say I did one today and I woke up and my ranking
hadn’t improved in any way I’d do another one tomorrow and so on and so
forth until I see some improvement in rank on my video but I’m gonna repeat
again Google loves Google find as many Google properties as you can out there
and use them to backlink again one more time you can do with you can use Google
Docs you can use Google slides you could do
forms drawings he can’t even do my mops and he can do google sites I showed you
how to do Google Docs and Google drawings now listen I want to talk to
you about something I found recently that will save you a lot of time and a
lot of money because you know I don’t know about you but when I’m building
backlinks to my videos it is actually quite time-consuming and I do actually
from time to time pay to go get gigs on places like conquer and Fiverr and other
other places where they can do SEO to your video and that can tend to stack
alright so recently I found this here is called I am my I am place indicator and
basically title of this software says made YouTube send you traffic for any
niche to make more money from your videos in just 30 seconds of work get
unlimited real visitors on autopilot with this powerful software sounds like
a pretty elaborate claim right bore we’ll get to that in a minute what this
software actually does is this syndicating software gives you 50 plus
web 2.0 video embeds and links and beds and links from web 2.0 properties and
sites are super super important for ranking this software thus indicator
will syndicate your video by giving you 15 Facebook shares 15 Twitter tweets
including embeds on Twitter PBM blog post which you can edit anytime you want
additional social media bookmarks to your tears additional LinkedIn shares
faster index in and it works for videos in any any language just tons of proof
on this page tons of happy customers they actually give you a demo of them
using this of 30 seconds or less now if you’re into your SEO you will understand
how time-consuming what I just shared with you is it’s cool it’s important
and it works right and we need to do it but it’s incredibly time-consuming and
it can also cost you money and at the end of the day time is money right if
you want to get your videos in index backlink and embedded bookmarked shared
and everything that YouTube and Google look to actually rank your video in
those top few spots this tool is gonna be for you
now you might thinking can you really do this in 30 seconds or less well yes you
can if you want to get to this page you’ll find a link in my description box
which will bring you over to this page so you come over to this page you scroll
down and you will find a video that shows you how they’re basically getting
all the social engagement the bookmarks the PB the PBM and all those good
ranking factors in less than 30 seconds this is a video here and by the way if
you’re wondering what the price is it’s $19.99 a month so basically you can
try this for a month if you don’t like it you just bail out but you will pay
way more than that over the course of a month to get what you need from concur
or five this is an absolute bargain and if you want to look inside the members
area basically how this works is you basically drop your keywords in here you
place your video embed code here you select the categories you drop your tags
in here and a title and a very short description here you can and then you
would basically click you click publish you won’t see publish here right now
because I don’t have anything in this box literally I did this earlier in 30
seconds and on this page here they’ll demonstrate to you how you can do this
in 30 seconds so two things to finish this video first off if you liked this
video if you liked what I shared with you let me know below this video what
was the favorite thing I shared with you in this video what was
it let me know I’m looking for your feedback on like what you liked you can
even tell me what you didn’t like you know I know this video is a little bit
all over the place but my internet is being kind of glitchy and it’s been a
long day but I hope you got some value from this and secondly if you want to
save yourself the time headache and money of manually doing all the stuff
you need to do to make your videos rank if you want to get 50 plus web 2.0 video
embeds and links 15 shares 15 tweets including and embeds on Twitter PBM blog
post which is edit editable anytime you want additional social bookmarks
additional LinkedIn shares faster index in and something that works for videos
in any language and click the link in my description box and come and check out
my I am place indicator I think you’re gonna love it with that being said thank
you very much for tuning into this video I appreciate I appreciate you sticking
with it to the end don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell
and finally finally finally always remember you’re just a 10-minute a mail
away I’ll see you in the next video you


  • Manuela Vincent

    Good stuff as always Ben! For me the additional nuggets on google back linking was great. I have your Stealth Commissions Training and implemented and getting some results. I am actually going to go back into my videos and add the additional google links as instructed. Thank you!

  • Make Money Online With Alex

    Damn Ben.Thanks for all the tips in this Video you killed this YouTube SEO Tips: 4 Backlinks For Ranking Videos Fast (Tutorial)

  • Make Money Online Biz Op

    Hey Ben, you are correct about the manual backlinks. It does work for sure. I do like that you shared the software that automates it – IM Place Syndicator. Good video and you have great tips for sure!

  • Lester e.a. Wilson

    Your training and ideas are excellent,up until you get to typing in google indexer>google search console. Instead of a box appearing like on your video. Google search console dashboard opens up,and then the nightmare begins.
    I can only index a property,that's already verified in the console,now i am 100% stuck,without being able to do this,all you have shared so far,will not work..

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    No offense but you only have 900 views since May? That is lot that impressive?? But I see that 900 is good but I’ve seen more. Any thoughts?

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    I don't like taking advice from channels teaching SEO when the video itself has bad SEO and low channel subs

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    Thanks for the tips! I always feel like Google trains us by doling out that SEO juice when we do what they want us to do -like Pavlov's dog

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