Youtube Video Ranking – Rank On The FIRST PAGE of Youtube In LESS THAN 24 HOURS
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Youtube Video Ranking – Rank On The FIRST PAGE of Youtube In LESS THAN 24 HOURS

what’s going on my friend Nick Anderson
here and inside this video I’m gonna be teaching you how to rank your videos on the front
pages YouTube in less than 24 hours using my Youtube Ranking krabby patty formula so I’m gonna give
this to you I’m even if you’re a beginner you just started out on YouTube
you can rank your videos I’m so stay tuned for this let’s get it
I’m alright so if you guys are trying to
rank a video on the front page of Youtube
everything that youre gonna learn inside this video is gonna give you a step-by-step
tutorial on how to do that really quick to some quick facts about Youtube if you guys are using inside your
business it’s the second largest search engine out there right behind Google and it’s
bigger than being it’s bigger than Yahoo and ask all
combine which is absolutely massive and Youtube broadcast about one-third of the US is multimedia entertainment which is absolutely huge you know when
every single second is over 46,000 YouTube videos been viewed all around the world so few
aren’t using video if you aren’t using Video specifically YouTube inside
your marketing are too you know promote your business you guys and you’re
missing the boat completely you know when I when I first started
operating myself online YouTube was the main way that I did it
because there’s a difference between seen like a Facebook post to someone seen
Instagram picture: Craigslist ad a Twitter or Pinterest post versus seen
them on video because if you see someone on video you know build a lot more reporter to
build a lot more trust you don’t have to be an expert at the
start you just don’t have to be great to start you have to start in order to be
great get comfortable with the uncomfortable just are putting yourself out there you
guys you know I started now I wasn’t perfect in the beginning you
know I was terrible at it but you know I look back at the videos
that I made you know like a year and a half ago and I just laugh it up because I
progress so far and I’m you guys will be able to do that to you know it’s like little %ah bricks that your cement teen
in time and eventually you know the more videos
that you do you know the bigger that your wall is gonna get with all those
breaks that you’re stacking so I usually give you guys an example
and I’m gonna go kinda quick in this video so you guys need to rewind
anything I’m feel free to do that you know this
thing’s recorded cell you know if you miss a thing to go back in the wind but I’m going to YouTube and I’m a type
a keyword I’m just for a video that I right calf I type in wake up now
training and comes up I’m you’ll see these two videos
right here just adds to those ones really don’t qualify cuz people are
paying to get those ranked on this is why did naturally so if you see you this video right here
the first one you know I uploaded this 10 months ago has over 20 21,000 views now at the time
that I did this this keyword wake about reining was getting a lot of monthly searches
onto the fact that wake up now went out of business I’m its kinda irrelevant anymore so I
want to give you guys another example OVR you know kind of a more broad
keyword I did this with a fight open how to do email marketing and I push an
hour right here you’re gonna see a few videos que now
again these to add so those don’t kow so the very first videos this guys right
here you’ll see he uploaded this seven months ago and has seen over 19,000 the use case
that’s that’s a lot I was allowed on this next one was uploaded over year ago you know as
close to a thousand years this next one was uploaded by Google+ in this one you know has over 3,000
views this video three years ago this video three months
ago this video three years ago this video 1 year ago now the next video
down 1 week ago is my video right here and already has a
135 views now as this gets in the months you guys
this video is gonna start climbin and eventually this will be you know on
the top three positions the fact that I did this one week ago and I’m already on
the front page alone I’m is very very powerful you guys
because this is a pretty competitive keyword I’m has a high amount of searches each
month and how do you know marketing is something that’s pretty broad it’s not
specific for any company I’m so that’s pretty powerful right
there so I’m gonna give you guys a step-by-step tutorial on how I did this and how you guys can do it too and you
don’t have to be an expert I muzak be willing to make the video on that set you guys and
follow this right here Kat so now I pull this up is a few things you
should be doing Cup number one is keyword research is before you make
any video you need to have an intention for the video and you need to have a keyword that
you’re trying to rank it for and how you do keyword research is using
a thing called the Google Keyword plan or so but I come over to go right here I type
in keywords planner arm its gonna pull it up it’s gonna be
like the first link right here so I just click that and all I have to do is this ray and I’m
gonna show you guys this year bascay say it’s gonna require you to do some
research first on this is pretty simple to do are you do a search for new keyword group ideas
come down here is this keyword options click this make sure it only shows the
closely related items to your search K and once you have that I would typing
the key word so Mike you were bi how to do email marketing K want to have
that key word in all I do is click get ideas and how well
that allowed them to come back here and give you guys these three categories
you wanna make sure you have in your keyword K now you can rank a keyword that is
getting zero monthly searches its gonna be like easier to do that but if no one
searching for dins kinda pointless right you wanna you wanna certain amount of people some
targeted traffic they’re gonna be looking for that specific keyword you want at least $500 monthly searches
K now I’m not come over here have a look at this how did you email
marketing the average monthly searches you know is around 500 so that’s kinda
on the lower and as a higher competition arm so I want to test this video just to
see if this would work and I’m you’re obviously did since I got
on the front page in less than a week actually gone from page less than 24
hours my video so we’ve been climbing to that number one spot so you’ll see the average monthly searches
is at least 500 if this number is higher if you’re gonna
see if it’s higher there it’s gonna be a little bit harder to rank for so you want to start out if you’re
beginning with you to go for the low-hanging fruit K it’s gonna be a lot
easier to rank for for something that’s Getty you know like
10,000 monthly searches like you are like YouTube or Google it’s gonna be a
harder and leisure established you know you to
burn out the next thing you would have five thousand last exact
matches on YouTube K arm so I’m just gonna come over you too
horses how do you know marketing how I Cara test this is about the same quotes
K want it in quotes ice bush and her and its gonna come up and you’re gonna see I’m you know my
videos number three for this exact keyword it has about 2,300 I’m results in if you
come over here that’s perfect it’s 5,000 her last you
guys now if you want to check this one a hundred thousand last exact matches
Google all you do is you just copy this inside the quotes you come over to
Google open up Google and then you just pasted in here you click enter that you’ll see this one has about 46,000 900
result so that’s less than a hundred thousand so this keyword is perfect this is something that I would
want to train wreck for that actually have a chance a ranking for you know your not establish YouTube user it’s
very difficult to rank for the higher keywords just like and I come over the keyword planner and
I have email marketing incentive how did you email marketing
it’s a shorter tail keywords gonna be a little bit more difficult but once you guys have Turkey were picked
out the one that you want to try to rate for the next thing that you want to do is
begin making the video and make sure inside a video that you
say the keyword at least this is at least you guys in the first
in the last 10 seconds to the video que this is very important because when
you’re uploading it on the YouTube on YouTube has a pretty advanced way of
knowing what you’re saying in the video so if you say the key word in the
beginning and the end I’m you know they’re gonna categorize it based on that category and Akira that
you trying to rank forecheck so we are exporting the video
number three make sure you say the video file using
the keyword so I use iMovie racks boorda and i save my file I just
say did as how to do email marketing as I did very very simple on the number
for while the videos uploading to YouTube
you want to do these things K tom is gonna go to YouTube I’m uploading ifile to upload a video in
the upper right age click Upload and then you wanna find the file on your
computer sums can open my find a really quick and
a type in how to do email marketing there it is
now I do is just drag and drop it in there now once is
uploading you have to wait sometime mom for to do
essences HD it’s gonna take a little bit longer you gonna make sure you update the title
to something catchy and make sure the key word is in the
title K so now my key word is how to do email marketing and then I wanna make the title catchy
side is added you know how do you know marking like a boss K you can have more words and he really
doesn’t matter just as long as your keywords in the title right you want something that’s people are
gonna wanna click so use your imagination you guys use your creativity
on this one just as long as you got the key word I’m you’re set get now the next thing is
right 300 to 500 word description peppering the tax with your keyword so
I’m an open up our my text editor really quick cuz I’ve
already done this on you guys can take this beforehand and I just copy and paste it saw I do
I’ve already typed at my description that’s about like 300 words right there
and is gonna copy it come back over to YouTube and paste it
right in your care and you guys can search my video you can
look it up and see the description I type just to give you a general idea you’ll see that i’m not spamming the
keyword the rather out you know like I said I paper inside of your night place that into you know the Description
box are giving some ideas putting my own unique content in their so if I come back over here that’s done
number C is right five-day bride is the key word at
the bottom in the description now here’s here’s how you do this you guys
is where the key word on research tool comes into play cat so I’m gonna find related terms this how to do email
marketing is a longer tail keyword so there’s not going to be very many
related terms to that because it’s longer tail now if I want to find more related terms
to specifically email marketing all I would do delete the beginning part
now click get ideas K now while this loads I’m
gonna give us some time to do that arm its gonna give you a whole entire search have different ideas and options as you
guys can do for this now on I’m in a way for this to load but
I’ve already come up with some ideas for you guys army already since these videos are the
uploaded by you’ll see how did you email marketing is our
number one K what is email marketing number two free
email marketing number three email marketing best
practices email marketing tips your best email marketing service and
then email marketing is a shorter tail keywords so you want to have about five day
varieties are the key word at the bottom in the description so I
just typed those in here and I put a little divider in there are just
so it’s kinda organized so what you guys do that you should be good to go and with CFR
this keyword planners loaded hold on UNESCO slow right now so you
some time to load okay so you’ll see all these ideas right
here on as you scroll down you know how
closely related keywords k all you have to do for more ideas is quick Key where
ideas and %uh they’re all gonna pop up right
here now you wanna make sure nom the key word that you’re selecting
to put in the description and in the tags for your video have at least five hundred are monthly
searches so missiles give you a few ideas I’m you
guys can take some other popular ones like you know email marketing tips that would
be a good one I come back here I’ve already put a few
women they’re just so you guys can see on me know how to do you know marketing
is number one what is email markey’s number two free email marketing email marketing
best practices you know marketing tips best email marketing service in email
marketing now what I would do next is the tags for the video all I would do
is our copy the East our pay stubs in here k and I can even type them and so what is
email marketing would be next I just push enter to save it Sonam is
gonna copy and paste the SGA copy command be do that now I can go for each of these in do
every single one okay now I’ve already done this you guys at
this video uploaded by you know you want to have these at the bottom the
description you also want to have a min attacks to this is very important K now if I come back here arm you know
just like it says option D is the copy and paste some use
in the tags then click Save K now this is while the videos uploading
you see has you know two hundred four minutes remaining so I was going away for this video to
upload them to come back once it’s done and show you guys what to do after the
videos uploaded processed alright so after your video is done
uploading its processing you click Save the next thing that you’re going to want
to do as you’re gonna wanna make sure you at annotations using the keyword so on want your videos done uploading all
you need do in the upper right as you know click your little profile image
then click crew creator studio asking to bring you into where your
videos are now all you do is click Video Manager that’s gonna pull it up
right here k to now a lot let me delete this really quick
because I’ve already uploaded this lot before so once it’s uploaded its
gonna show your most recent video that all you need to do is just click at
it its gonna bring you into the added at manager K you can see the top a few
options by the time you watch this video with the YouTube changes the surrounded
all I know they do sometimes on you want to look for where says
annotations K and you click annotations is going to bring it up on right here Kat you know you’re gonna
see that I’ve already done this are my mentally this one really quick
mom although on second delete this one that you’ll see that I
added an annotation in the first 10 seconds to the video
where I said the keyword K now all you have to do to add an
annotation as you drag the slider bar wherever you want preferrably the
beginning and then you click add an annotation anyway click No K now
the you can drag this where by: and then you add that text descriptions
output you know how to do email marketing and that I can resize the tax to
whatever size I want mom I can just leave it as that black
with white I can drag anywhere I one on the video now I want
to leave this the first 10 seconds to the video and is kinda like a sneaky way to add
the extra key word in there but you know this works you guys and all
you have to do is you know you can click Save on right after you done that but also I
like to make sure at in a nother annotation at the ended the video you
can see right here says if you learn something new in this
trainin on how to do email marketing leave a comment below so I had the key word how to do email
marketing they also have I call to action in there to leave a
comment below so you can for your keyword in there you have at least two more times at the
beginning and at the end of the video once you do that you just come up here
you click Apply Changes and you’re done K now the next thing you
want to do you add a caption file using your keywords you
also want to disable the auto caption file now you have to do for that is up here
text annotations were said subtitles and close captioning you’re gonna come in and I’m you’re
gonna see right here where has automatic K now you’re gonna go ahead in click this
and its gonna show you you know the annotations now what Dom
YouTube does is when you upload your video it scans your entire video and processes that to see what your
saying inside a video and if you scroll through here you’re
gonna see you know these keywords inside your video now you wanna find where you
had your keyword in if if for some reason on the YouTube like
tech scanner kinda messed it up you want to make sure you type in your
keyword wherever you said in the video so I’ve already done that you just
scroll through are you can find where you said at the beginning at the end and you
wanna make sure you type you know the key word in there like how
to do email marketing once that’s done all you do is click you know publish and
then make sure you disable on the automatic one that they have set
so far I’ve already done that are but you’re gonna see arm you know
once you at eight years you’re gonna see you know one that’s like an automatic
one you can just go and you can delete it and putting your own as well K so I have to do that number see is go
to ping Guler not comin pin your URL this is so it
automatically you know gets out there to the search
engine so you know can start generating some authority so I’ll just open my tab really quick go to
ping where dot com now wanna come back in here and
i wanna find my video que some to find my video all I do is I go
in my video editor I just click the title of it and gonna
pull up right here and I just copy the link up at the top
and I go over to pink color and %ah my scroll down and I have to do
is enter in the URL right here and the title I would put how
to do email marketing cake is that the key word I wanna rate for now the
category I would do business I would do should see here business what else is
there %uh Internet and online and marketing
now I’m just going to three categories max and if I scroll down here all I have to
do is i click ping okay now this is gonna do in the
background so once you click being let this run it’s going to take some while
the low because this is a free service you might have some people on Friday you that opinion there you are also once you
click that it’s gonna write you can what that don’t close out this tab just let
it run army now the next thing you want to do
is our number di join open multiple windows in your
browser run your video multiple times in each window and I’m
explain why this work so I do a copy this I’m gonna go in this window
and paste it here K and I’m gonna make sure that this starts plane and then on the open up a
few more windows paster make sure it starts playing like this Ron I’m ado about five Windows
K let’s do this really fast another window well on sale the audios Ronan okay so you guys want to open up about five
separate windows in just let this video start to run from start to finish K and
on what this is gonna do is this gonna start generating some use even though it
is from your own IP address you know it works you guys as well as
helped me on the beginning so just do this you know it doesn’t take much time you can do this walloping layers running
in the background to care so now the next thing you wanna do is you
want to get as many 4 views comments and thumbs up as possible now the best ways
that you can do this is if you know people you can ask him
you know ask people who you know to help you out you know share the video on social media
your party different social media group are you can share inside the group I’m
if you have a company in people on your team you have people
on your team share it on with their friends you can have other
teams share it with their members I’m just getting out as
many places as possible and also you can you know another option is you can join
a video syndication group on Facebook those ones are very popular
and on this one I hear your own risk spend a few bucks on fiber personally I
don’t do this I know some people that do there are a lot of church ski like sketchy sellers on fire that
sell I’m fake views so you know that’s why I say at your own
risk do that I’m now also the last thing that you want to do. this
is really important as this helps out big time is build a playlist other related high
view count videos and insert your video into the playlist also make sure to name
the playlist with your keyword K summer show you how
to do this all you have to do is up here is go to create our studio
care give us some time to load in an arm ware
says Video Manager high school drop down tab give it a
second K now you can see playlists K now
playlist right here all I would do is I would click create
new playlist care now and I would name it how to do email marketing at I click Create so once the play this is loaded all you
have to do is add videos you just click add videos and then what I would do for
this for example is I would come over here open YouTube
in a separate buyers are I would copy the link I love my video
and I’ll come back here click Add videos way for it to load and then URL URL that outpaced it right in there now click add videos care so now that one body okay now what
you want to do is type in how to do email marketing and you’re gonna gonna wanna add Mike five other videos que so I’m NAT better
competition and don’t worry about this you guys
people are gonna come to your playlist in washer competitions videos is just
for ranking purposes case I would add this video right here is this video is a good one since his
number one obviously come back over here I wanna see you here
add videos URL paste the URL look at videos and then once I do that do it about 5 five to ten
times are you know make sure your video is
number one here add your body of urs and you just come back to YouTube and Om
you can add arm you know the top videos on the front
page you guys on one’s with preferrably the hive you count videos right here it says you know I’m related make sure they’re related
with the keyword in their high I B is cap so are no I’m a computer’s
been so slow right now by on if you just type in your keyword
you’ll see I’m on the front page and you just copy the links you guys you come back over here and you just
click Add videos you paste a man and then that should
save your playlist automatically K so after you do that you guys your video
should be good to go up social sharing is probably one of the
best features to get your body a ranked even quicker so make sure that you’re sharing it on
social media a group on Facebook on you know you can
send it out to people on your team if you already have a large organization on the start sharing it with the new
members on your team and from that point you guys you know that’s basically all
you need to do I teacher be a rank so if you need to
rewind this video on go ahead and do that watches over and over and over again I’m
she found value in this I’m share it with you know the new
members on your team but last but not least you guys to take this to the next
level on number six in the last thing that you
can do is to use social by backlink insight on for high
quality backlinks now if you don’t want a backlink as a
backlink is basically a hyperlink on like a blog or website on where someone clicks it will take on
to your video and I’m you can pay for services like
this there are free services as well in Google absolutely loves this because
the more back links that you have going to your video or going to your
website the higher its gonna rank you on top of all these other things
that we’ve done throughout this video so if you want to know what I’m using go
ahead and click the link beneath this video in the description blow on YouTube are meant to create your
free account I’m is a paid service is well if you want to do that two-star chretien social backlinks for
your video but if you just wanna use the free methods you guys feel free to do it
this is just to take it to the next level if you want to dominate your competition
because obviously since I’ve made this video I’m a lot of people are gonna see this
of you want to dominate your competition go ahead and do that as well as if you
want more training not only I just how to you know up your Youtube ranking but how to convert sales from your videos into your primary company you know in sponsor 1-2 people every
single day by not only just using Youtube but using
Facebook and Instagram as well go ahead and go to train up to rank up
dot com on check that all you guys have put a lot of time into that for you and now with that being said you guys
will be a valuable video Tom I will see you on the next video and I
will also see you on the beach is the world my friend


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