ZérO-11 Project Ep. 15 Présentation électronique Hobbywing Savox – RC SCALE CRAWLER  – RCTutos #155
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ZérO-11 Project Ep. 15 Présentation électronique Hobbywing Savox – RC SCALE CRAWLER – RCTutos #155

Hello everyone,
Welcome on RCTutos.fr Today we are back for the 15th episode of the ZérO-11 Project with an unboxing, and the review of electronics This comes from our partner AsiaTees Hobbies let’s open this together So today it’s about the ZérO-11 Electronics The motor, a Heavy Duty motor in 45T those are brushed motors, very strong end efficient They look like the Novak Rock Star I use on the Defender it looks like the same but restamped we also find here the new Team Raffee magnetic body mounts for SCX10 we will try this news to see it allows you to avoid making holes in the body next, always for the ZérO-11 Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 for brushed motors we use those ESCs in our CC01s they cost average 20 € and very efficient at the start of RCTutos.fr we made a video about this ESC I suggest you to see it It works in 2S and NIMH with a dragbrake and a setup for front/rear/brake for the cost it’s very efficient, and also waterproof we find here a Savox servo 16kg the SC0251mg this one have metal gears not waterproof but we will cover it with plastidip So we will instal all in the ZérO-11 Project If you remember in one of the last videos, we made a mistake with the shafts So we followed the 1967Illya ‘s advice to order the longest ones and cut them at the good size So we have the VOODOO shafts from BOOM Racing They are very long but we will cut them, here we will have a length problem with the shorter size the shorter one goes till 120mm and we need 123mm so we choose 145mm and we will cut them So we will not make the electonics installation video we will be back in a next video with the electronics already installed the shafts also to present you the integral project with the body installed and next a test video So it was the last package for the ZérO-11 project Electronics: motor, ESC, servo So very good quality of electronics for a not so expensive cost The motor is in discount at this time on our partenr’s website you will find the link in our website blog Waterproof ESC for less than 20 euros with a good dragbrake runs very well for the cost ans Savox servo So thanks for watching subscribe for more videos like us on Facebook visit our website www.rctutos.fr Find us also on Instagram @RCTutos.fr This tutorial is brought to you in collaboration wih our partners ATees.com, Oospeed Drive and Team TETSUJIN. Thanks again
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