Zucchini Walnut Spelt Bread Recipe – Danny Seo
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Zucchini Walnut Spelt Bread Recipe – Danny Seo

This is my zucchini walnut spelt bread.
It’s a winner and I think you’ll love it. So into our mixer we’re gonna do one
and a half cups of coconut sugar. A lot of zucchini breads will use an oil like a
canola oil or an olive oil, I wanted to reduce the fat content. I’m
going to add Stonyfield Greek-style organic yogurt. It’ll give it extra
calcium, some protein. Put 1/3 cup of our yogurt inside, and three whole eggs. For
about five minutes we’re gonna whip this up until its light and fluffy. And to prepare
your zucchini trim off the end, and on the largest side of your box grater you
want a great away, and you can either use cheesecloth or just a clean dish towel. Into the bowl we’re gonna put two cups. Take a pinch of salt, and what we’ll see
in a couple of minutes is that so much liquid is gonna be drain out of the
zucchini but it still has all of the great nutrition. Now we need spelt, so into our batter we are going to do two cups. And we need 1/2 a teaspoon of our baking powder, two
teaspoons of baking soda, two teaspoons of cinnamon. There’s so much great flavor.
We need a little bit of salt. I’m gonna mix this all together. It’s getting
spongy. I’m using real vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon, one cup of chopped walnuts. It’s time to check on our zucchini. When you squeeze look how much liquid came out.
All of this is not in here. Let’s fold in our zucchini into the batter. Into our oil
loaf pans I’m gonna fill them about two thirds, and it’s gonna bake for about 1 hour at
350 degrees, and this is exactly what you want.This nice beautiful golden color.
You don’t see any of the zucchini. I’m gonna give this a bite. There’s a sweetness to it. This is a bread
that’s good for you, but it’s really good to eat and I think you’ll love it.

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